Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cleaning house!

Maybe you've seen this quote on Pinterest or Facebook already, but when I read it the other day I literally died. It's absolutely true and TOTALLY describes my life right now;)
Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.
  Just the other day, I text'd these pictures to Shane of my "Sweet Three" assisting me as I cleaned the house.
This cleaning crew loves to vacuum,
and believe it or not, they are pro's at doing windows as well-HA!
 I seriously have NO idea what happened to Hudson's clothes in this picture. 
 I guess that's just how we roll these days-HA;)


Melanie said...

Love this! That's SO how we roll these days, too! Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to melt an iceberg with a hairdryer for all the progress I make keeping the house neat & tidy, not to mention clean! Your helpers are pretty stinkin' cute though!

Melissa :) said...

Would love for you to check out my Shaklee store. Although I tried for years & failed, I finally found all-natural cleaning products that work & save money. Now, my kids can help me clean! It doesn't matter what they touch or what they breathe (that goes for all of us!) All of Shaklee's products are amazing & maybe it's been something you've been looking for too! Your kids are adorable & I'm so happy for you family & for AK! God is amazing! :)

The Hatley Home said...

This is hilarious and SO true!!!!! I drive myself crazy trying to clean and turn around and it's a mess again... oh well... life is good!!!