Monday, July 23, 2012

The Doctor and the Y

 This may sound silly, but as I sat down to type up this post, I was completely overcome with emotion. 
 I realized that this sweet little one pictured above became a part of our lives exactly one month ago TODAY!
Just one month ago, Shane and I were ushered into a dark, hot room in Xi'an China, and handed this  incredible gift!  Thirty-one days ago TODAY our lives were completely changed by this tiny bundle.
All I know to say is THANK YOU PRECIOUS JESUS for this amazing blessing!!  She is BEAUTIFUL,  SWEET as pie, and the PERFECT addition to our family! 
We are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness towards us!
Adoption is the most AMAZING thing EVER and we are SO thankful that the Lord chose it to be a part of His plan for our family!!!!!

Friday morning, I took AK to her very first doctor appointment After a thorough examination, our  pediatrician looked up at me and exclaimed that she was...PERFECT!! 
(WE already had figured THAT out though;)
But as far as her health was concerned, she was...ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! 
Poor baby girl still had to have some blood work done and several shots were given, but (bless her heart) she was a real trooper! We meet with an ENT specialist in a few weeks to talk about the Microtia of AK's right ear, but our pediatrician believes it is a "non-issue", and that the treatment plan will be simple. I'm praying that she's right;)
 We are beyond thankful to the Lord for this healthy (and darling) baby girl!!

Friday night, we headed over to the YMCA for their "Family, Fitness, & Fun Night"
Our family definitely LOVES a good game night, 
and a chance for some friendly competition is always a welcomed treat!
Running relays, playing dodge ball, finding treasure, and the hula-hooping hop
were just a few of the games we participated in.
I must add that our family ROCKED it out in this "ball and hoop" game;)
We were declared the UNDEFEATED champs of the Y--HA!
And after our fun evening at the Y came to an end, 
we headed over to the "Dunkin" to cool off and enjoy a yummy treat.


Caroline said...

My best friends son has microtia too. Also his right ear. He is a healthy 6 year old and the parents have done surgery or anything yet.
She is beautiful and you can tell she is very happy!

The Hatley Home said...

A month already!! WOW!!!! The time flies once these sweet little ones come home doesn't it?!? Wonderful news about AK's health!!! That is SO awesome!! God is good!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

oh my darlingness! that lil face is so precious. praising Jesus she is in your forever home.

Melanie said...

Praising God with you for this precious addition to your family!!! YAY, so glad to hear that everything checked out a-okay!
And, seriously, your family is too cute!!! It looks like you ALL had so much fun at the Y family night! Love the pics!!

dee said...

That first picture of AK is absolutely breathtaking!!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She fits in so perfectly with your family! Her smile is just as big as the rest of your kids. I can tell just how much she's loved!