Thursday, July 5, 2012

Signing Off From China!

 So, today marks our last and FINAL full day here in China! Tomorrow afternoon, we will pick up Addy-Kate's visa, jump on a train bound for Hong Kong and then begin the first leg of our L-O-N-G trek HOME!!!! (Please pray!!!!)
 Today, we had our much anticipated consulate appointment!!
 We got up bright and early and headed to the US Embassy for a short swearing in ceremony, and to submit papers necessary for Addy-Kate to become a US citizen.
The papers will be processed today and will be ready for pick-up tomorrow afternoon.
This marks our LAST STEP in our adoption journey here in China.
Thankfully, every step has gone incredibly smoothe and with out complication!!!!
We are so GRATEFUL! Praise the Lord!!!
After our consulate appointment, we ran back to the hotel to change our clothes,
 and then headed back out for a visit to the ZOO!
 The Zoo was only a few miles away from our hotel, so we decided to walk there!
 It was HOT (like REALLY REALLY CRAZY HOT), but that didn't stop us.
 We really wanted AK to experience this city zoo before we left.
 Of course, she absolutely LOVED it!
 She was mesmerized by ALL the animals
 and giggled as she watched them play

 I'm so thankful for another wonderful day here in China! 
We are soooo ready and soooo EXCITED to be going home, but we will definitely be leaving a little piece of our heart here!
These last two weeks have been AMAZING and Shane and I will NEVER forget our time spent in this beautiful country!
So here's hoping that my next post will be filled with LOTS and LOTS of sweet pictures of all  my precious kiddo's finally together!!!


Courtney said...

Sending lots of prayers for safe travel. I can't wait to see the rest to your family meeting sweet Addy Kate!


Sending lots of prayers your way!!

Melanie said...

Crying happy tears at the thought of your precious family reunited again!!! Ah, such joy!! Will definitely be praying for your journey home & the transition for AK! She looks SO cute all decked out in her red, white & blue for the consulate appointment!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us every step of the way! Can't wait to hug that sweet, sweet girl!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh, Jenny, I am so happy for you! You look ecstatic in all these pictures. What a great addition to your family.