Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fruity paint

Fresh fruit, paint brushes, and a hose for quick clean up was all we needed for this fun afternoon.
The kids had a blast getting messy while making and creating their very own fruity paint. 
I raided my refrigerator and gathered up whatever fresh fruit I had on hand. 
Then the kids got busy mashing the fruits into a paint-like consistency. 
The "mashing/mushing" part was definitely the MOST fun;)
Although, Miss Addy-Kate preferred eating over the creating;)
It was fun testing out the different fruits and seeing which ones produced the most vibrant colors on the paper.  
I think the strawberries may have won;)
 After making quite the mess...
we turned on the hose and everyone had a blast getting clean again;)


Stephanie said...

What a fun, and delicious, craft!!!

Melanie said...

So simple & just the BEST idea! I'm forever irritated by the stains fruit leaves on clothes...but how fun to actually use the color for good use! I really love this, thanks for sharing!