Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday snapshots and kids in the kitchen

 Saturday morning dawned bright and early as I made my way to church for our ladies monthly prayer breakfast. I was especially excited to attend this particular event because my sweet friend Joy was the guest speaker. Joy is a mommy to five little ones, two of whom she adopted from China! She has an amazing heart for the Lord AND for adoption and unapologetically shares about BOTH! What a blessing it was to hear her share her story of faith, trust but most importantly OBEDIENCE!  
What a wonderful morning it was and I left feeling very refreshed and encouraged!
When I arrived home, Shane and the kids were just a little stir crazy. (That's the nice way to say my kids were bouncing off the walls;) They were definitely ready to get out of the house for a while and burn off some steam. We ate a quick lunch, and then loaded up in the car and headed out for a little treat. 
Since it was a rather dreary day outside, 
we headed to the nearest Mickey D's playground for some ice cream sundae's and FREE play!
 The kids enjoyed running around for over an hour, while Shane and I sat at a table, sipped coffee and chatted.  
A win win all the way around!
 After the kids were thoroughly worn out, we left the golden arches and ran a few errands. We needed to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things because Saturday night the BIG boys were responsible for cooking us dinner!
Earlier in the week I had mentioned to them that I thought it would be fun if THEY cooked our family dinner one night. At first, I think they thought I was totally kidding, but after assuring them I wasn't, they began to get excited at the idea. 
I told them that they had to plan the menu, write a list of ingredients, and then actually shop for what was needed.
The boys decided to make one of our favorite roll ups, spinach salad, and chocolate eclair  for dessert.
I helped lay out the necessary ingredients, gave quick directions on how to assemble the pizza rolls, 
 but other than that, I stayed out of their way!
 They did a SUPER job following the directions...
 and only asked me a few questions along the way. 
  Dessert was a little more complicated, but since they've seen me make it a hundred times- they did it flawlessly.
 Of course, tasting is the best part of baking, right!?!?
Sophie desperately wanted to help the boys in the kitchen too, so they sweetly found her a job to do!
 And here we are, all ready to dig in to a delicious meal!!
 Of course, dinner was good,
 BUT dessert....
 Oh the dessert...was DIVINE!!!
WAY TO GO BOYS! I'm thinking this may be a new weekly event in our house!
I could get used to having a night off every once in a while;)


Life of 5 Letteers said...

Looks like they did a great job. Would love the eclair recipe.

Sarah said...

way to go in domesticating those boys! their wives will thank YOU someday!

(and, happy that you were encouraged by joy's message during your adoption process.)

jenn said...

Love the idea of a womans prayer breakfast at church!! and way to go boys!! I think its great you are encouraging them to cook! I think this is catching...I'm going to have to encourage my oldest three to fix a meal one night! ;-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a great idea! My boys would love this. THey LOVED making me breakfast in bed!

Courtney said...

What a wonderful tradition to start with the boys. Looks like they did a great job!

Melanie said...

I was bummed to miss the prayer breakfast & I have heard such great things!
Now the kids make dinner idea, I LOVE...this is going to have to be on my short list of things to try soon!! What great boys you have!!! I love the sweet pics of them cooking dinner!! A wonderful tradition, for sure!

Celia Jimenez said...

Yummy...send those master chefs over here to cook for us! Esp the desert!!
Glad you were able to have a nice relaxing morning being refreshed!