Sunday, January 1, 2012

Riley's Reindeer Party

 Christmas birthdays can be so hard. There is always SO much going on in the month of December, that finding a date and time to schedule a birthday party is nearly impossible. Riley actually turned six on December 22-- but we decided to wait until Christmas was over before we threw Ri his special birthday celebration. 
So on Thursday the 29th, Riley had his much anticipated party! We still went with a Christmassy kind-of theme AND because Christmas was over, we scored some really great deals on all the party supplies ;)
And to be honest, it was really nice to have something FUN to look forward too and celebrate with Christmas Day behind us!
Riley decided he wanted a reindeer party.  I'm not really sure where he came up with the idea, but I totally LOVED a reindeer party it was!
We made a Smilebox invitation and Riley chose a few friends to invite!
As friends and family arrived at our home Thursday morning, everyone was given a red Rudolph nose and a pair of antlers to wear during the party.

After all our guests had gathered, it was time to start the "Reindeer Games"!
The first game we played was "reindeer target practice". Santa's reindeer receive special training on how to make specific and accurate landings. They are responsible to guide Santa's sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve and precision is key as they land on rooftop after rooftop;)
The kids each got three tries and took turns throwing their reindeer onto the Target. I must say, Santa had no worries on Christmas Eve. He had some very well-trained reindeer guiding his sleigh:)
Next, it was time for my favorite game. Shane was such a great sport and a made such an adorable Rudolph--if I do say so myself;)
The kids each took turns attempting to toss the rings onto Rudolph's antlers.
This was a little harder for our littlest reindeer's, but some of our "more-advanced deer" were quite the PROS!
After games, it was time for CAKE!!!
Sine we did a mid-morning birthday party,  a Dunkin' doughnut birthday cake seemed like the PERFECT choice;)
"Happy Birthday to you!"
"Happy Birthday to you!"
"Happy Birthday "deer" Riley!"
"Happy Birthday to YOU!!!"
After everyone gobbled up their doughnut(s), the kids gathered back in the living room for a story.
Then it was outside for the much anticipated pinata!
We tried our BEST to find a Reindeer Pinata, but had NO success. Oh well...Frosty the Snowman would have to do. (And since Frosty was on sale for only $3.00 after Christmas...he did JUST fine, just fine indeed;)
The pinata was filled with lots of goodies, and everyone took turns hoping they would be the one to crack open that snowman!
Oh they gave him quite the beating alright, 
but to no avail;)

Then it was time to call in the BIG guns!
And with ONE solid whack...that pinata was TOAST!

Candy was flung everywhere and there was a mad dash to fill their bags with treats!
Soon it was time to open gifts and of course Riley couldn't wait!
He was blessed with many wonderful things, but a morning spent with family and friends was truly the BEST gift of all!
And as our guests headed home, Riley gave out his "reindeer noses" party favors to each of his friends and thanked them for making his 6th birthday so special!


paige said...

So cute and creative!!!!! LOVE it!!! Great pics :-)

Courtney said...

I think this is such a wonderful idea for a party. A friend of mine whose daughter was born on the 31st had a Christmas Cookie party this year before Christmas and it turned out perfect. With Christmas birthdays, you have to be creative.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Super cute party! happy birthday to your big man!!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

What a fun party! I love the idea of the reindeer party!

Brian & Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Riley! Looked like a great party. Love your new blog look - so cute!

Sarah said...

happy bday riley! you chose a fun theme and an easy one for your momma to make lots of fun! hope you enjoyed your special day!

Jessica Washburn said...

Super cute and fun party. Looks like the weather was decent too! Love the new blog look. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

Terri said...

What an awesome party!!! So fun and so SMART to have it on a weekday morning. Looks like everyone had a blast. Great job! And it looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Blessings!!!

Mary Ann said...

Hey Jenny, I had sooooo much catching up to do!!! I always love your pictures and your blog! When is that little sweetie pie coming home are you getting close? I finally updated my blog. I have had a little time lately :0) It sure gets busier when as they get older. You will find out when #5 arrives ;0)But it is so worth every minute of it. Oh BTW.... I made it to 10.4 miles on Sat. I am getting there. SLOWLY! ;0)

Melanie said...

Absolutely adorable, as I knew it would be! SOOOOO sorry that we missed out on all the Reindeer Games! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET RILEY! He is the cutest reindeer on the block, for sure! Love the pic of you & Shane with him! And those reindeer nose treats are TOO cute! Love all of your wonderful ideas!

Jeremy, Holly, Haven and Jovie said...

While on pinterest one night, i noticed a million reindeer themed crafts and foods. I told Jeremy that a reindeer party would be perfect for a December daughter's birthday one year. you have now executed it, so i may be borrowing some of your ideas next year. awesome party!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy Birthday, Riley! That is a super cute theme!