Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ChristmasTown, USA

Saturday night, our good friends the Robinson's, invited our family over for an impromptu dinner get-together! 
It's so... nice to have such great friends living just a few houses away. 
It makes fun get togethers happen much more frequently than they might happen otherwise. 
My friend, Juli, threw together an AWESOME taco dinner and I brought all the fixings for a build-your-own Christmas sundae buffet. 
After inhaling our dinner and dessert, 
we all jumped in the car and headed out to see the Christmas lights in McAdenville--
aka Christmastown USA!
This quiet little town is located only about thirty minutes from where
 we live and it is just BEAUTIFUL---
especially at Christmas time!
Loved this house;)
I ADORE McAdenville, and to be honest, I've told Shane this before...I secretly wish we lived there--seriously!
The decorations are all so fun and festive and the lights make it feel somewhat magical!
Even Santa himself takes time away from the North Pole to visit:)
Usually, when we go see the lights, we just drive through the city.
 But this year we decided to bundle up, brave the cold and walk through the town!
I'm so glad we did!
We had the BEST time and would have missed SO much of the experience had we just done the normal drive through!
Like posing with these cute little carolers, 

or dancing to the festive music...
 while these Christmas carolers sang.
 Those of us who weren't dancing around...
kept warm by sipping hot cocoa
and munching on some popcorn!
After warming up a little, we continued our walk through the city! 
We didn't want to miss a single light!!! 
The kids were having so much fun, and we were meltdown free the entire night;) 
 Yup...that is how Shane and I have come to measure success of an outing---
by the number of meltdowns we experienced-ha!;)
Thanks Robinson's for a fun-filled family night!
This was definetly a new tradition in the making;)


Sarah said...

aawwww... what a fun night for sure! friends, food, festivity, and melt-down free - what could be better?!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love McAdenville! We went every year growing up! Our plans are to go next week....wish us luck with the long lines!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Washburn said...

That looks like a totally fun night, I want to live there too! :-) love the Santa and the 'Christ' lights.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That looks like so much fun! Your family is absolutely precious. I love the new header, too!

Brian & Ashley said...

What a fun evening! Love little Sophie's hair in your previous post - how cute! Also, great family photo at the top of your blog!

Bethany said...

McAdenville is my favorite place to go during the Christmas season! We are going tomorrow night and we can't wait!

Melanie said...

Fun, fun, FUN! It looks like you all were having so much fun that you didn't even notice the cold! (That cute gray house totally reminds me of your house!!)Now you have me really looking forward to our trip there next week (shhhh, our kids don't know yet!)