Friday, November 11, 2011

Having Sew Much Fun!

Thursdays are usually my so called "Sewing Day" around here! I try really hard to have my house in  order and my laundry caught up earlier in the week, so come Thursday I am able to sit and sew guilt free:) 
I always have a few projects waiting to be completed, but finding the time to complete them isn't always easy. Well, yesterday I got a few of those little projects crossed off my "to do" list!
First on the list...
"Turkey Day" shirts for the babies!
My good friend, Melanie, came across a picture of the cutest turkey shirt and sent it to me.  The turkey feathers were made out of ribbon instead of the usual fabric! I thought it was such a darling and clever idea!! 
I went to H@bby L@bby (one of my very favorite stores) and picked up some really colorful and festive ribbon. 
After a little trial and error, I finally got it right!
I was thrilled with the way it turned out and can't wait for Sophie to wear it this Thanksgiving;)
Hudson had to settle for the usual ole' turkey day shirt, 
still fun!!

I also decided (for the first time ever) to try and make a little cash by selling some of these turkey day shirts. I posted my idea on Facebook and within a few hours I had more orders than I could possibly fill. 
How AWESOME is that;)
Guess me and the turkeys will be spending a lot of time together this weekend filling orders;)

I also had fun yesterday, finishing a few dresses for my Sophie girl. 
I am in LOVE with this peasant dress pattern, which I just purchased for my all time favorite etsy shop Little Lizard King.
This shop is where I also purchased the apron dress pattern AND the ruffle pant pattern;)
Anyway, I just can't say enough about her patterns. 
They are totally fool proof and super easy to understand!
Last week, I made my first peasant dress per the request of my friend for her three year old daughter. 
My friend also requested a coordinating knot dress for her other little one too!
Oh how I love "sister" dresses!
I'm seeing LOTS of these sweet coordinating dresses in MY future now;) 
Here are two of the peasant dresses that I just finished up yesterday for my Sophie! 
The one of the left, she will be wearing for our upcoming family pics next week. 
I just loved the blues and greens!
I also got two Christmas dresses completed as well! 
I fell in LOVE with that Santa fabric (on the right) and couldn't wait to make something with it!
PERFECT for our breakfast with Santa in a few weeks;)

And just in case you are wondering
 WHAT in the world my little ones are up too while I'm so busy creating?!?!?
Well here's just a little peak...
Yes, that's a jumpy house in the middle of the living room, AND a table full of play dough and accessories.
Enough said;)


Elizabeth said...

Jenny, if you open an etsy shop...I will be in so much trouble...but you should!

Leslie said...

These are all precious! My hubby is using his day off today to build me a little sewing nook in our kitchen. I typically sew at our kitchen table, so I'm excited to have a spot to leave my machine in the middle of a project and not have to clean it all up before every meal!

One other thing... Where did you purchase the white t-shirts for the girls? I've looked at Target and Wal-Mart and haven't seen any solid long-sleeved t's. I need brown and white!

Colleen said...

love them all!! I agree, if you had an etsy shop (ya know in your spare time) I would definitely be a frequent shopper! I loved your pumpkin shirts.

A Cup of Cold Water said...

hi jenny!
can you show us the dress on sophie? i'd love to see how it looks. might have to make some myself!! :)


Amy said...

Oh Jenny! I can't wait to get the turkey shirt for my Nolan! You are such a busy and creative Mama! Thanks for offering the turkey shirts for us to buy!

Be Blessed!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, now I need to be on your FB, because I would have loved one for my niece! They are fantastic!

Bethany said...

What adorable turkey shirts! I'm looking to buy a sewing machine and wondered if you had any recommendations on one(s) you like? :)

Courtney said...

The dresses and shirts are incredible. I can't wait for my niece Madison to wear the knot dress you made for her last year.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love all these...especially the turkey shirts!

The Hatley Home said...

Hi Jenny!

I found your blog through RQ on the list of blogs.... looks like we are on a pretty similar time line so I thought I would jump over to your blog and check it out. What a beautiful family you have! I saw Christian Adoption Services on here.... are you guys from near Charlotte?? We used them for our home study.... we are just outside Charlotte. Your little China cutie is just so precious!!! Can't wait to follow your journey, especially if you are close by to us!

You can check out our blog at !!


melissa said...

I'm wondering where you buy your fabric?

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Ugh so freaking cute! And hilarious on the jump house in the living room:)

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

You should open a shop! I really would love to get those knot dresses for my girls!!!

Mara said...

Way to go!!! Those look great!

Devin said...

Jenny, you are so very talented! The dresses are beautiful--and I LOVE the new header! :) Such cuties, waiting for their sister to come home....just precious!