Wednesday, November 2, 2011

52 days...

Now that Halloween is behind us, it's time to start thinking about THAT wonderful time of year!!
Can you believe it?!?!? Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, which means CHRISTMAS is literally just around the corner! --Insert squeals of excitement here;)-- 
52 days from today to be exact, but who's counting right!?!?
And since Christmas is coming soon, it's time to start thinking about those beautiful Christmas cards you're going to be sending out! Sending, but especially RECEIVING those cards is one of my most favorite things about the holiday season. Because snail mail is so rare now-a-days, it's a real treat to walk to the mailbox each day during the holidays and be greeted by sweet Christmas wishes sent from friends both near and far! 
Each card our family receives is proudly displayed on our pantry door, so we can enjoy it through out the entire Christmas season!
We will definitely be using Shutterfly again this year to do our family Christmas card
I use them all the time when ordering prints throughout the year,
and have never been disappointed.
I'm really excited about the many Christmas card designs they have to choose from again this year!!
Not only do they have some AWESOME card designs, but they have some great gift ideas too!

Now go snap that perfect picture and...
have fun shopping!!!!

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Kam said...

I've done this before, Jenny! And hey, something we've started with our kids this year...we keep each card we receive during Christmas and place them in a special basket. Then, during our family worship time each Monday, we pull a card from the basket and pray for that family each day. The kids each take a turn during the week praying for the family after Jase has led us in the Scriptures. It's been such a blessing to see how God has orchestrated which cards we pull in certain weeks.

Just a thought for your sweet family! And hey, we're counting down the days here too!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Where did you find those adorable China shirts your crew is wearing??
Precious kids and precious shirts!