Monday, September 12, 2011

An Apple a Day...

 Saturday morning dawned bright and early as we loaded up the car and headed to the fields. 
With water bottles, chairs, and goldfish on hand, our cheering section was ready for another great season!
The weather was fabulous,
 and both of our teams were able to bring home a win!

 Not a bad way to kick-off the season!;)

 After our games were over, we quickly changed our clothes and made the hour-and-a-half- trek up to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina! 
Our Adult Life Group from church was meeting up at 
Sky Top Orchard for an afternoon of apple pickin' fun!
 Many of our friends visit Sky Top EVERY year, but this was our family's first trip! 
It was AWESOME and I see why everyone loves this place! 
 With talk of apple pie, apple bread, apple sauce, and apple crisp fresh on our minds...
we headed out ready and super excited to fill our baskets to the brim!
I'm not sure if my sweet Hudson ever actually contributed to our basket though. 
Every time I turned around, he was eating...
and eating...
and eating...
and eating!!!
So if that old sayings true..."An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"
well...Hudson is good for a while;)
While Hudson snacked, the rest of us worked hard to fill our basket. 
The BIG boys had fun running through the orchard, searching out the ripest of apples.
 Many times, finding that perfect apple meant climbing up that perfect tree;)

Miss Sophie Lu taste tested a few apples for us too...just to make sure they were ripe and sweet for that pie!
With our basket overflowing, we headed back up the hill with our bounty!
 But not before we paused for a few group shots first!
 Our kids and the Robinson kids!
 Best buddies...
 After our hard work was done, it was time to have a little fun!
 The kids played on the pumpkin slide and Miss Sophie made herself at home in the miniature playhouse!
 After a fun hay ride around the mountain with all our friends,

 our time at Sky Top came to an end!
We are already looking forward to next year!!!! 

Now to find some GREAT apple recipes;)


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh, I love this time of year for the apple orchids! I am still laughing at Hudson eating all those apples!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love all your pictures! What a fun weekend!

Cyndi J said...

my favorite thing to do with fresh apples is Crock Pot applesauce.
Using my old timey apple peeler which also slices and cores we have loads ready to go in to cook quickly. I break up the rings (that's how the thing makes them). Throw all in Crock Pot. Cook on low for several hours. I use a potato masher to break the pieces down as they cook. You can season to taste or not. I leave mine on the chunky side.

Melanie said...

You got some fantastic photos! It was a wonderfully delightful day, indeed! I'm so glad you got to experience the greatness of Sky Top this year! Looking forward to many more trips to come!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So cute! It kills Those matching outfits are just adorable!

Celia Jimenez said...

Yummmm....send some of that apple bread my way! :-)
Beautiful pics, Jenny! Glad you guys were able to go and have a good time AND there were no catastrophes...with cars, windows, tires, etc! So I'm thinking it must be me all along!
Be it strawberries or apples...the picking is not what counts...its the "testing the product" before hand! Hud learned from the best...right? They are so cute!!!

destiny said...

I've always wanted to go apple picking! I need to put that on our fall to-do list! Great outfits!!

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

I love those pictures! It sounds like a wonderful day!

Jessica Washburn said...

Love love love the apple clothes and all the precious pictures.