Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time at the Lake

What a AWESOME week this has been! 
Shane had the entire week off from work and we have enjoyed EVERY.SINGLE. MINUTE of it!!!
Even though we didn't have a lot going on, we still managed to stay very busy and filled each day with loads of summer FUN!
Knowing Shane was off of work...
some of our very sweet friends invited us to join them at their lake house for a few days. 
We headed up on Tuesday morning and stayed until late Wednesday night.
 To say our kids had fun would be the biggest understatement EVER!!!
 Our kids had a total BLAST!!!
 It isn't every day you get to ride a boat, 
zip around the water on a tube, 
or go swimming in the lake!

 And if that wasn't enough fun...
the kids also enjoyed playing Wii with their friends, 
community bath time, 

and making smores over an open fire. 

And of course, Miss Sophie was thrilled she got to cuddle and play with precious baby Lucy (who by the way is like the BEST. baby. EVER!!!!)
Oh, my girl LOVES her some babies!!!!!
It was truly a wonderful few days! 
We are so grateful for our sweet and gracious friends, AND (most importantly) for the time and precious memories we made with them!!!


paige said...

Love the pics! Community bath might be my favorite :-) or the smores one!!

Courtney said...

What a perfect getaway. The smiles on the kids faces tell it all.

These Are The Days said...

Oh my. Looks like a total blast for your kids. I'm glad you all had such a great week w/ your husband off. Sounds dreamy. Fabulous friends too...everyone needs friends like that.

Brian & Ashley said...

What a great little getaway! Love the pics!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That looks like the perfect way to spend some July days! I love the community bath...makes me cringe to think of it! Gotta love the lakes!

Melanie said...

We had SOOOOO much fun with you all & heard several comments from the kids on how it was NO fun after you guys went home! We will definitely have to do it again, especially since the rain cut some of our water time short! You got some great pics! We love you guys!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you had a great week with Shane, and fun with friends!