Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disney Trip 2011--day ONE

 At 3:45am, last Wednesday morning, we woke the boys up (out of a dead sleep I might add) and surprised them with the news that we had been keeping from them for quite sometime! 

We told the boys it was time to get up, the car was already packed, and we were heading to DISNEY WORLD!!!! 

(Shane had a conference to attend in Orlando, so we decided to surprise them and take them on the trip too. Since the boys had never been to Disney before, we knew it would be a real treat! We also thought it was a good idea to leave the babies at home with their Mimi for this trip. We'll go again in a few years when they are old enough to REALLY enjoy it.)


The boys wiped the sleep from their eyes and groggily got up and hopped in the car. After eight and a half hours, and a bazillion"are we there YET's" later...

 we finally arrived in Orlando and checked into our hotel.
Shane's conference was held at the Ritz-Carlton, so needless to say, our accommodations were immaculate!!!

Immediately, Shane had to head to his meetings, so that left the boys and I on our own to explore our new pad together!!

After so many hours in the car, the pool looked most inviting. It wasn't long before we were suited up and ready to swim. We stayed at the pool for several hours before shear exhaustion took over. Since we had gotten up so early, we decided to call it an early night. We headed back to our room around 6, ordered Domino's pizza for dinner, and turned the lights out around 7:30pm!! Shane finished with his meetings around 9pm and was shocked when he entered our room and found us all sound asleep!!!

The next day we all woke up feeling quite refreshed and ready to for a great day! Shane was off to his meetings once again, and the boys and I had the entire day to ourselves. After MUCH deliberation, we decided NOT to do a Disney park that day. There was SO MUCH to do around our hotel, and to be honest, I really didn't want the boys to experience "Disney" without their daddy right there with them. It's just too much fun (and too expensive) to justify me going alone with them, especially this being the boys first visit. So we decided to stay "close to home" for the day and just enjoy all the amenities our hotel had to offer.

After a delicious breakfast, we headed outside for a walk around the lake.

The boys enjoyed "hunting for alligators"and checking out all the wildlife living in and around the lake. Much to the boys disappointment though our trip was "alligator-less"!
(Thank goodness!!)

Then we headed back to our room, suited up, and got ready to go for a swim.

Before swimming though, we decided to take a spin around the hotel grounds on the
Unfortunately, Corban's legs were just a little too short to reach the pedals, so I had to do ALL the pedaling myself! Needless to say this mama got a good work out!
After our ride, I for one, couldn't wait to cool off at the pool;)!

Not only did we spend the day swimming, BUT...

We played a few rounds of checkers...

Painted sand dollars...

Ate way too much ice cream...

And even entered a hula-hoop contest...

where Corban WON first place!!!!

I had so much fun spending the day with JUST my boys! This kind-of uninterrupted, quality time is a rare treat, so I tried to soak up EVERY moment with my two little men!!!

After a full day of sun and fun, we headed back to our room so we could shower, change, and get ready to head to Down Town Disney!

We had late dinner reservation at the new (and very cool) T-Rex restaurant in Down Town Disney.

 Shane finished up his obligations for the day and was able to join us for dinner too;)

The food was absolutely DELICIOUS, and there was enough of it to feed an entire T-Rex family!
We totally splurged and got the "chocolate extinction" for dessert!

We told our waitress that we were celebrating Corban's birthday (a few days late), so
she brought our dessert to us topped with a birthday candle, and then serenaded us with a fun birthday chant!

After dinner, we spent some time exploring everything in Down-Town Disney!
The Lego store was our first stop and probably where the boys spent the most time.

 Outside the front of the store, a race track was set up along with a build-your-own-race car station. The kids were encouraged to create their own car, and then given the opportunity to race it against other cars.

The boys had so much fun building and racing their own creation!

Then we spent some time visiting a few stores
where the boys had a blast trying on fun Disney souvenirs!

We had such a great night and couldn't wait to experience more Disney fun
at the Magic Kingdom the next day!!!

More about day TWO coming soon...


April said...

Sooooo glad you're back into the swing of things with blogging! I've been reading since the day you started back up. I've just been soooo busy with getting all of the paperwork done for the twins, commenting has not been high on the priority list! Disney is such a treat! Glad you guys had a blast! So glad the blog is back up and running!

Melanie said...

Already it looks like it was such a fantastic & fun trip! I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait to hear more!

Jilly said...

What a GREAT time !!!

Bethany said...

Wow! Love all the pics! Can't wait to see more!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great time! Our family LOVES Disney World. We are going back this summer to try out the waterparks!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love that you surprised your boys with this trip! My BIL works for Disney so we take trips there whenever we can. :) I've heard good things about the T Rex restaurant. My oldest is just entering the dinosaur phase so we may be eating there soon!

Celia Jimenez said...

Wow! What a fun hotel!! I'm so glad you had a special day with "just-the-boys"!!! I'm sure those memories will always be treasured and precious.
Kuddos to you crazy mama for powering that bike all by yourself...if anyone could do it...it would be you! :-)
So glad the day was a hit...and you were able to just relax a little and ENJOY each other!!