Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrating Our Corban

Sunday was Corban's actual birthday. 

The day started bright and early as we got up and headed off to church. Because I knew we'd be in a hurry to get out the door on Sunday morning, I made Corban his special birthday breakfast on Saturday instead. 

Chocolate chip pancakes was what was requested by the birthday boy! 
After breakfast, I brought out Corban's 1st year scrapbook and we had a great time looking at each page.
What fun it was looking through the book and reminiscing about special moments with him!

On Sunday afternoon Corban had two of his best buddies come home with him after church. We were having a pool party later in the day, so the boys were here to hang out until the actual party began.  

I planned a few fun water games to keep the boys busy until it was time to head to the pool for the  party.

Our first game was Water Balloon Catch:
  1. Create the catchers by cutting the bottom off a gallon-size milk jug (one for each player)
  2. Fill a bunch of water balloons to the size of a grapefruit.
  3. See how many times you can toss the balloons without breaking them or how far you can catch and throw them.

    Our next game was called
    Chill Out! Rainy Relay:

    1. Provide each team with one empty and one full bucket, as well as a plastic cup.
    2. Set the empty buckets at one end of the yard and the full ones at the other near the kids.
    3. At the word "Go," the first player on each team dips his cup into his water bucket and holds it over his head as he dashes to the other end of the yard. (No covering holes with fingers, please!)
    4. When a player reaches the second bucket, he dumps what's left in his cup into it, runs back to the start, and passes the cup to the next player.
    5. The game continues until the formerly full bucket is empty.
    6. The team with the most water in the second bucket wins.
       This next game was my all-time FAVORITE!!!
      The Soggy Jog Relay:
      1. Line up the teams side by side, set the bucket of water between them, and position the lawn chair 20 feet away.
      2. At the signal, the first child in each line dunks his team's sweatpants in the water, puts them on, and then runs around the chair and back to the starting line.
      3. There, he peels off the sweatpants (like a banana) and gives them to the next runner to dunk and don (inside out or right-side out), and so on.
      4. The first team whose members have all completed the task wins.

        It was so much fun to watch the boys try and get in and out of those soaking wet clothes!
        Shane and I laughed so hard as we cheered them on!!!

      And the last game we played was just your traditional balloon toss!

      It wasn't long though before an all out water war broke out!

      Shane got in on all the action too. 
      And after he thoroughly drenched each of the boys, they finally had their moment of retaliation... 

      Before long, it was time to head to the pool and for the pizza party to begin!

      Unfortunately, we only got about an hour of swimming time in before a summer storm rolled through.

      We had to pack up quickly, and once again, the party was moved back to our house.

      Corban and my sweet Grandma actually share the same birthday, and my sister KK's is a little later this month.  
      We sang "Happy Birthday" and celebrated all three of our special June babies!

      Make a wish birthday boy!
      Happy 8th Birthday Corban! 
      We couldn't be more proud of the young man you are becoming!!


        Bethany said...

        So much fun! Eight is great!! :)

        Kristin said...

        I can't believe that Corban is 8! Looks like y'all had such a fun time! :)

        Sarah said...

        he's such a handsome little man! and, he's got character to go with it. happy bday to corban!

        Stephanie said...

        What an awesome party Jenny! Summer is such a great time to have a birthday! Happy Birthday to Corban:)

        Celia Jimenez said...

        Tyler had SUCH a great time!!! Thanks for inviting us to your special day!!! Happy bday!

        Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

        Those party pictures are so cute! It looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

        These Are The Days said...

        Awe, as always Jenny, you're such a fun and creative mom. :) Happy Birthday Corban!!

        Dawn said...

        My husband middle son share a birthday with him :-)