Friday, May 27, 2011

The Amazing Grace Race

Sunday night Corban participated in, The Amazing Grace Race, a musical put on by the children's choir at our church. The kids put a TON of hours into preparing and rehearsing for this much anticipated performance. All their hard work definitely paid off because they did a phenomenal job!! 

Corban surprised us all when he said he wanted to try out for a part in this musical. He is not at all a like-to-be-in-the-limelight-kind-of kid, but we encouraged him to try out if he really wanted too. 
He did, and he was given two little solo parts in two different songs. 

Needless to say, we were very proud of him! 
After the musical was over, we headed over to Y@foria to celebrate a job-well-done!!

Our sweet friends, the Howard's met us there too! 

Corban and his buddy Jack-- both did a super job in the play!

Riley and precious Darcy!

Nothing like a good cup of yogurt-right Hud?!?!?

Yup, good to the last bite!!!


Bethany said...

Great job Corban! I heard you did a fantastic job! We have never been to Yoforia before. Maybe we can go with you this summer.

Stefanie and Bill said...

Way to go Corban! So glad you are back to blogging!

Mary Ann said...

Good to see you blogging again! I had a lot of catching up to do, but I enjoyed it! Beautiful pictures!

Jen said...

How FUN!! Great job, Corban! :) I can't believe how much Riley and Darcy look like siblings, too. How cute! Isn't it funny how that happens sometimes? :) You have some beautiful children, friend! Thanks for sharing a bit of their joy with us (esp. those of us who don't have kids and live vicariously through those who do! :)) :)

Melissa :) said...

I'm so glad you are back! I was so sad when I noticed your blog went private. I almost gave up, but decided to keep trying just in case you went public again. Yay, you did! I just love reading about your precious family! You are such an inspiration! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great job, Corban! He is looking so grown up!

Melanie said...

All the kids did such an amazing job & it was a great performance!! And the frozen yogurt wasn't too shabby either!