Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Fun Night at the Y

Last Friday night our family attended "Family Fun Night @ the Y"! 

And YES, it totally lived up to it's title! 

Our family definitely LOVES a good game night, 
and chance for some friendly competition is always fun! 

Running relays, indoor soccer, tug-a-war, and freeze tag, 
were just a few of the games we participated in. 

We practiced our push-ups...

AND did a few sit-ups!

Scooter soccer was definitely a BIG hit with my crew!

And I have to say our family totally ROCKED at this game!!!!

Half-way through the evening we all needed a little break. 
A banana and a juices box was served in order to refuel our energy;)

Oh, and after our evening was over, we made a quick stop by Dunkin' Donuts. 

We all deserved a sweet treat after our "hard" work-out;)
The donut holes most definitely hit the spot!!!


Melanie said...

That family fun night looks SO fun! I love the pic of all of you eating your bananas, adorable! Love that little outfit on S! It always was one of my faves!!

Sarah said...

the family that PLAYS together stays together!