Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Crafts (and a Miss A update)

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching my sweet friend Celia's three kids for the day. Celia and her husband had the opportunity to get a way for a few days before baby number four arrives this spring. Celia's parents were coming in to town to keep the kids for the duration of their trip, but someone was needed to watch the kids on Thursday until her parents arrived. I was thrilled to have them for the day, and even though it made for one busy Thursday-we had a total BLAST. 


My kids LOVE having play dates and I actually think they behave better when friends are over. It gives them all something to do and someone new to hang out with. 
So with a total of seven kids (all seven and under) here for the day, I wanted to be prepared with some fun stuff to keep everyone busy and entertained. 
And, of course it gave me a great excuse to get a little crafty too!
Because we've been enjoying such beautiful weather and because their are little hints of Spring every where, I decided to go with SPRING as my theme for our day. 

Every one's favorite craft--AND the tastiest--was...

make your own FLOWER CUPCAKES!

All you need is:
and Sprinkles

So easy and so simple to assemble!

And yes, they were quite yummy too!

After we devoured our cupcakes, we moved onto tissue paper flowers.

This was definitely a little more difficult than I anticipated, and the kids required my assistance, but the end result was a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the kitchen table.
Because the color combination is endless, these flowers could be a perfect (and CHEAP) decoration for a birthday party or a baby shower! 

And while the "big" kids were busy making flowers, the babies and I made some hand print butterflies.

I LOVE hand print artwork!!!!

It can be real messy to accomplish, but it's also a true keepsake and well worth the effort!

Oh, and while the babies napped, the girls and I made some felt flower hair bows their hair. I followed this awesome tutorial and then just added a hair clip to the back of each flower!
So easy and cute!

****AND...thank you for all your prayers concerning sweet Miss A!!! I talked with her mommy yesterday and she was VERY happy with how court went on Wednesday! Miss A will stay in her current home--which is a wonderful place for her to be:):)!!! 
Thanks again for each and every prayer that was lifted up on her behalf!!!**** 

Happy Friday Everyone!!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so happy that everything worked out for A!
It looks like the kids had a fun day with you!

Caroline said...

You are too crafty!!!
Have a great weekend, I hope it's not freezing where you are!

Terri said...

Too funny... after seeing your comment on FB yesterday I was wracking my brain trying to figure out which friend of yours has 7 kids!!! I agree, it often seems easier to have extra kids around. I enjoy it. And I love all your cute crafts. I will be borrowing lots of your ideas to do during my mornings at home! I am glad Celia and Jason could get away without worries, too. Blessings!!!

Terri said...

Oh, & GREAT news about Miss A! I was definitely praying. Blessings!

Melanie said...

Oh, Sophie will be sooooo happy when I share the great news about A! My heart rejoices at the good news, and we will continue to pray for her!
LOVE all of the fun crafts you did, I think I will have to make some tissue flowers with the girls...I used to love making those when I was little! And I totally agree with you, hand-print art is the best! Those butterflies are adorable! Love all of the pictures, too! What a fun (but exhausting) day!! You are a great mom & friend!!

These Are The Days said...

Thanks for sharing all your cute spring craft ideas because Sophia's going to LOVE them! We are living twin lives w/ the cupcakes and watching friends kids this week. :) So glad to hear 'Miss A' is in a good place, I was going to email you but didn't want to intrude on any sensitive details. Have a fabulous weekend Jenny!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yay! For the cute crafts, and for Miss A's news!!! I love hearing updates on her!

Devin said...

SO glad to hear about Miss A! Been praying.

The Washington's said...

What kind of paint do you use for the hand print designs?

surendra said...

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Jessica said...

love the felt flowers and I even tried to make them myself and it was so easy !