Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our oh so romantic date...& my SURPRISE

My sweet hubby is always hit with a double WHAMMY on Valentines Day. Not only is it the day of L-O-V-E, but it's my birthday as well. Poor guy-right;) I must say, he's totally got the hang of it though and always goes out of his way to make me feel like his princess. He truly is the best gift giver EVER, and knows how to make me feel special. On Monday, Shane took the day off from work so we could spend the entire day together. My sister Al came over and kept the kids for us ALL day long. What a blessing.
Monday morning I had to help host Riley's Valentine Party at school, so our first stop on our little date was--

I know Riley thought it was extra cool to have both Mommy AND Daddy attend his party with him.  
We did a fun craft,

played a few games, 

did a little limbo, and ate some yummy pizza. 

The kids seemed to have a GREAT time. 

 After we got the party cleaned up, we kissed Riley goodbye and headed over to IK*EA. Neither one of us had ever been before and we were both super excited to check it out. We have been looking for some cubby-like shelves to help organize the toys in the playroom. After checking other stores, I'm happy to say that IK*EA had just what we were looking for. 
We spent several hours browsing around the store before heading over to the mall. Shane needed to find some basket-ball shoes. After going in and out several stores, he finally found a pair that he liked. 
So with the preschool party done, playroom shelves needing to be assembled, and basket-ball shoes purchased, our oh-so-exciting-date came to an end--lol.
We headed home, scooped up our little troop, and then ALL headed to 
M@rio's Pizza to celebrate my birthday--Italian style!!! 

Okay, so maybe this date won't go down in the books as the most romantic date ever,

  BUT it was PERFECT. 
Kid-free shopping, crossing things off our "to do" list,  

and then devouring a ham and pineapple pizza
 while sitting at a table surrounded by my sweet family.

Yeah, a PERFECT day indeed!!!
Oh, and just in case you were wondering what was in this beautifully wrapped box...

  Well, my precious husband ordered a BEAUTIFUL "Blog book" from my sweet friend Terri. 

Oh, my, goodness y'all...I now have my sweet family's memories to hold in my hands.
Right now I have 2008,
and 2009 is in the works!!!

 We have had SO much fun looking at each and every page. 

The kids LOVE it and BEG for us to read it to them. They LOVE hearing stories about them!!! 
THIS is why I blog--so I will NEVER forget the special (and the not so special) moments with my family!!! 
What an AMAZING and PRECIOUS gift, one that I will treasure FOREVER!!!


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday!
The book looks great! I just had a book done also, so fun to have those memories in your hands.
Looks like a great day!

Meg said...

Ok I need to know where I can get one of those books from?! Does she create them or is it from a specific site? It looks perfect!!

Bethany {3SonsPlus1} said...

What a beautiful gift!! Love it!! I had to laugh when I read about your "romantic date"- mine may or not include the Home Depot & the grocery store recently, hmmm... =)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day, and I absolutely love the blog book!

Devin said...


Happy belated birthday to you!

Your hubby did a wonderful thing--something I've been hoping to do myself over the past couple of years! I would love to turn my blog into a book each year, as well. I think it would be a great Christmas gift for Grandmas and Grandpas, too! Year by year is exactly the way I would do it. So perfect to remember the family by! And, why do a 'scrapbook' when you already have an online form of one? Just take all of your blogging effort and put it to paper....genius!

Your reason for blogging is the same as mine. Just today, when my little Ethan was being obstinate and defiant (and I was CRACKING up on the inside) I thought--I have to blog this! I don't want to forget this moment. :) I want to remember all of this--the good, the bad, and the crazy!

So glad your LOVE day was wonderful!

Deidre said...

Sounds like a great date to me :)
I LOVE the blog book. I have one for 2006/2007, but need to get going with the other ones. Such a treasure.

Happy (late) birthday!

Melanie said...

It does sound like a perfect day to me! Soooooo glad that you enjoyed a wonderful birthday/Valentine's Day! (That photo of you & Riley with his hands under his chin is TOO cute!! Love that kid!)
Your blog book is amazing! I need to talk to Terri! I lost the one that I did in our move & need to make some new ones. They are such a fantastic idea!!

Cheryl said...

A perfect day for sure and the book is wonderful!

Jillian said...

That sounds like a wonderful date to me. I've never experienced IKEA either but I've heard just how amazing it is! Love the blog book! What a thoughtful hubby you have!

Faith said...

So glad you had a great day celebrating! What a sweet surprise present!

Bethany said...

I love the idea of a blog book!

Terri said...

I love your romantic birthday date, Jenny! Gil and I have always joked that for us it isn't a date unless we end up at the grocery store!! I would love to go to IKEA, though... it has been many years since I regularly shopped at my IKEA in So CA!

I am so glad you liked your Blog Book! I loved doing it and can't wait to complete 2009 for you, too!! Since it won't be a surprise, you can have some input on it, too!!! Blessings!!!

These Are The Days said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jenny!! I'm so glad I read this one, I've been thinking about quitting blogging and your blog book is making me think twice. What a great thing to have!! I've been meaning to get some done, but forgot.

If it helps, Kimball and I have been known to go grocery shopping while out celebrating our anniversary...gotta do what you gotta do. LOL.

Donna said...

What a great BD!!! To do a blog book is so fun...all your memories in a journal...your hubby did good!!! He's a keeper for sure!!

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Happy, happy birthday! It looks like it was special from beginning to end! :) Love the gift. What a sweet hubby you have.

Here's to a year filled with much joy, love, smiles and laughter....and God's amazing blessings.

Much love,

Katie said...

Love your new Valentine pictures! So so sweet.

Aren't memory books the best!?

The Life We Love said...

Your family is so beautiful! Your story is inspiring! So glad i found your blog!!!

surendra said...

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