Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sew busy (again)!!

I hope y'all enjoyed a wonderful weekend.
We sure did. It was CRAZY, but oh so fun!

I've been busy with a few little projects lately and I thought I'd share.
I found this AWESOME tutorial recently on how to make little boy ties.
I've been dieing to make some for the boys for a while now.
Well, this weekend I FINALLY got around to giving it a try!
This tutorial was GREAT and super easy to follow!
{Even if you don't sew, you could make these ties---I PROMISE!!!
No sewing machine involved!!!!}

On Sunday (which was Sanctity of Life Sunday) Shane and I had the unique opportunity to share with our church family our testimony concerning ad@ption and f@ster care.

Here are my kiddo's lookin' oh so spiffy and ready to head out the door for church.
I ran out of fabric so sweet Hudson had to settle for a little bow tie;)
I thought he looked so handsome though and it made me grin every time I would look at him sportin' that tie!!

I fell head over heels in love with this bird fabric from H@bby L@bby.
(Notice the apron on the front of Sophie's knot dress)
I purchased ALL they had {I loved it that much}and used it on a few other projects I was working on.

We celebrated my wonderful mom's birthday this weekend.
Another post on that coming soon;)
I made her this apron using some of that cute bird fabric.
I think Sophie and I are in need of aprons now too. Maybe I'll get around to that project this week;)

Oh Sew Fun!!!


Brian & Ashley said...

The kids look so cute! And I love little Hudson's bow tie! Too cute!

Celia Jimenez said...

You guys all looked so super cute and sweet. Loved Hudson's bow-tie!!! :-) You and Shane did a beautiful job and I loved what you had to say about being ordinary people with an extra-ordinary God. So thankful for you all as friends!!!

dee said...

I LOVE Hudson's bow tie! Bow ties are very "in" with teenage boys right now. My two love them-it's about all they wear. Your children are precious!

The Dixon Spot said...

You should so get a store on etsy.com going...I would buy so much from you! I love all the matching stuff you do!


AbbyS. said...

I am your newest follower and I am in love with your sweet kiddos! How cute are those ties???
I NEED to learn to sew. I have a machine and don't even know how to turn it on! Can't wait to keep reading.

Lori said...

I just came over from Carolina Girl, and you had me a "Sew"! :) I love to sew as well! These ties are adorable...wonder if I can get my littlest one to wear one?!
Your family is darling and I look forward to reading more!

Sarah said...

oh my goodness... are you ready?! i just may give a try at making ties too!! seeing that a machine isn't necessary has me thinking i just MAY be able to handle this one. be ready for a call with me panicking and needing assistance though...

GREAT job on sunday!

Hannah said...

This is really random, but why do you put the "at sign" through brand names, and "foster" and "adoption." I have seen other bloggers do it as well - and have always been curious of the reasoning!

I enjoy reading your blog - and those ties are really cute!

Melanie said...

Jenny, the kids looked sooooo cute on Sunday & I have to agree with you, that bird fabric is TOO cute! I was admiring it on Sophie! Your sewing skills are wonderfully amazing! Jack asked why Hudson had a bow-tie & I said it was because you ran out of fabric & he said, "Ms. Jenny MADE those? I thought it was Matilda Jane!!" He is impressed! But I just may have to check out that tie making tutorial...you had me at "no sewing machine involved"!
And you guys did do SUCH an amazing job on Sunday sharing your testimony! Thank you for your obedience to follow where the Lord is leading you & your faithfulness to share it with those around you!

Devin said...

Those are GREAT! You are so talented, Jenny...I have thought many times about learning to sew (I have a strong desire to!) but I am so intimidated. Can you give some tips on things beginners should know?

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Those ties are adorable-the kids look so cute!

Deidre said...

What a good looking bunch :) They are so precious.

Jodi said...

They look so cute (as always). What happen to the adoption post you had up the other day for a short time?

MiMi said...

What an adorable picture! You did such a great job on the ties and I LOVE the little bowtie! Precious!

Susan said...

Love the ties Jenny and Sophie's dress is adorable. I think you have found your niche in dress making. I only wish my girls were still into dresses like that. Wish someone would come up with something for older girls.

Courtney said...

The kids look so cute in their matching outfits.