Friday, January 28, 2011

Our girl...

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your--Adoption Stories!
I was so excited when I saw this and knew I wanted to participate.
There is NOTHING I enjoy more than reading about other adoptive families and hearing their stories.

If I was I forced to
pick ONE pivotal point in my life, where I felt the Lord presence and direction more clearly than any other, it would be during our own adoption journey!

Words cannot even express how much adoption (and this precious little girl) has changed our lives.

Our adoption journey began in the beginning of 2008. We were already a busy family of four, living life, and trying to keep up with the two sweet boys the Lord had given us. It was during this same year though that we experienced a third miscarriage. We longed for another baby, but felt that dream slipping away. The feelings of despair and helplessness began to make themselves a home in our hearts. The Lord was very real to us during this time, and He continued to fill our heart with hope, even at times when all seemed hopeless. As we walked through this season in our lives, we began to feel the Lord tugging at our heart concerning adoption. At that time though the whole process seemed overwhelming, daunting, costly, and almost unattainable. Although the Lord continued to impress and confirm to our hearts that this was indeed His plan for our family. We began researching our options, chose our agency, and then finished our home study by April of that same year. On September 17th 2008, after about a five month wait, we received "the call" that every adoptive couple longs for. Our daughter had been born, our family had been chosen, and we could pick her up the very next day at our agency.
Talk about SURPRISE!!!!

(I've shared this before, but these are our Gottcha Day pictures.)
Click to play adoption

On the evening of September 18th-- sitting on the couch in our agencies office, our social worker placed in our arms the most beautiful 5 pound, blue eyed, blond haired baby. was the tiniest and the most precious thing we had EVER laid eyes on. We couldn't believe she was ours...all ours!!! And most of you are aware that it was also during this same week that we were surprised to find out we were pregnant as well!!!!
(Our Hudson was born 7 months later!)

We were truly overwhelmed by the Lord's blessings and undeserving favor on our family.

As I sit here right now and reminisce, my heart is overwhelmed with love and gratitude for our precious birth mom! Because of her courage, strength, and selfless act of LOVE we have our beautiful, amazing, silly, girly-girl Sophie!! I will never, EVER forget what she has done for us!!

We are FOREVER grateful!!!!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
I Samuel 1:27


Steven Sarah said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful girl Sophie is! We also did our adoption process in 2008 and Natalie was born in October 2008. You have a beautiful family!

Bethany {3SonsPlus1} said...

Love this story, Jenny- I didn't know some of it before. We're blessed, aren't we? :)

Deidre said...

I LOVE this story, Jenny. Sophie is so precious. We have been praying about this for years and my heart is so tender to it. My hubby needs a burning bush, I think ;)

Trish said...

I have followed your blog for several months. You are such an inspirational family and you seem to have so much joy in your home. Your children are absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing your story!!

Ally said...

I've always loved and been amazing by yalls story!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I loved, loved, LOVED reading your story!

Devin said...

Jenny, I didn't realize that you has also lost children of your own. That, in and of itself, will change your perspective on life and children forever....that's for certain.

Thank you for sharing your journey, and what this sweet girl means to you and your family! This was absolutely precious to read. :)

paige said...

So sweet!

April Westerhold said...

Our God is an Awesome God!

Brian & Ashley said...

Wow! What a great testimony to God's love! I love how God turned your sorrow into rejoicing. You made me cry! I'm sorry about your miscarriages, but I'm thankful for your faith and know that your sweet babies are waiting for you in heaven. I loved the sweet video/picture book of Sophie.
Thanks for sharing! Love your heart!

Sarah said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Great is His faithfulness!

Henley on the Horn said...

What a beautiful picture of adoption!! Your daughter is gorgeous and so are your precious 3 boys!!!!

Kristin said...

I remember when I read that Sophie was joining your family. I called you that morning and was SOOOO excited for y'all...I think I was trying really hard not to cry with happiness!!! :) What an amazing blessing and gift she is to your family...and you to her!

jenn said...

simply beautiful!! the smilebox made me cry--such a beautiful story!

Penny said...

All of your children are beautiful and I LOVE all of their names. Especially the first one~ Corban is my maiden name. What a beautiful adoption story you have!

bella said...

What a beautiful addition to your family via adoption. Sophie is adorable and what a wonderful family you have.

Karen said...

I enjoy reading your blog, and I loved reading about Sophie's adoption. I posted at Kelly's about our adoptions as well
Can't wait to see how the Lord blesses you again!

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

What a beautiful "God Story!" I never knew your beginnings with Sophie. Actually, I never even knew she was adopted. Truly a glorious story. Thank you for sharing it. How my heart overflows with love at the God we serve.

Much love,

Melanie said...

I enjoyed reading several of the adoption stories at Kelly's Korner, but of course your story is one of my favorites because we love "little" Sophie SO much! The photos from when you picked her up always make me cry! Soooo precious! Love your family!

Jen said...

What an awesome story, thanks for posting it! You have such a beautiful family!

My story is similar in that, on the day we got our long-awaited travel call for our son to come home from South Korea, I found out I was pregnant! My 2 sons arrived 8 months apart!

Looking forward to reading more about your family!


These Are The Days said...

K, Jenny, I hadn't watched the little slide show last time. I must have been rushed, so I just did and my eyes are filled with tears. I love all your facial expressions. It TOTALLY reminds me of how I was I can read your mind in those moments.

The day we picked Sophia up from the hospital in Vegas, I was an emotional wreck/ball of nerves! I was so nervous and scared and grateful and you know what I mean, so I didn't even think to take more pictures.

Thanks so much for joining our adoption linky party. You are a big sweet heart!