Sunday, December 19, 2010

A ride on the Santa train...

Saturday afternoon, we bundled up, loaded up, and headed up to the N.C. transportation museum to ride the Santa train!

Our sweet friends, the Howard's, met us there for what would turn out to be a fun-filled, memory making afternoon. I'm not sure WHO my kids were actually more excited to see, the Howard family, or Santa!?!?

It was a rather chilly afternoon, but the kids stayed warm playing together as they waited anxiously for our train to enter the station!

Once the train arrived, we hoped on board and made our way to a trolley car that would seat our large group.

Riley quickly found his spot!

We found our car, shed some of our layers...

and then settled in for the 30 minute train ride.

It wasn't long before the conductor announced over the loud speaker that Santa-himself was boarding the locomotive. Sophie caught a glimpse of Santa from our train car window.

Love her sweet reaction!!

Then we were off!

As we chugged down the tracks, we were first greeted by a few of Santa's friendly helpers.

They came around and handed each child a bright red and white candy cane and a ripe orange--a Southern railway Christmas tradition.
Before long, the man in that bright red suit appeared in our trolley car! Santa made his way down the aisle and stopped
to visit with each family on board.

When he finally made it to us, he greeted us warmly, gave out hugs to the kids, and then posed for a quick family picture! Sophie and Hudson weren't too sure about Santa. They would much rather look at him from a distance;)

The rest of our ride was spent laughing, chatting, AND

chasing these two monkey's up and down the train aisle.

Before long, our train had pulled back into the station and it was time to bundle up once again, and wave "goodbye" to the Santa train!

No worries though, we will DEFINITELY be back for a ride again next year!
This trip had the makings of a new Bruce family Christmas tradition written all over it;)!!!!


April Westerhold said...

Sophie's reaction to Santa is priceless. Loveley memories.

Celia Jimenez said...

Looks like it was soooooo super fun! I kids would've been more excited about the Bruce/Howard combo then Santa. But Sophie...she just makes everything worthwhile!
Love your fam pic w/Santa!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you all had a great time! Sophie's reaction to seeing Santa was hilarious!!!

Bethany said...

Oh! What a fun day you had! I heard about the Santa train! Maybe we can join you next year! Jake LOVES trains and is getting one for Christmas! I know he would LOVE it! See you tomorrow!

Melanie said...

We look forward to making it a tradition, too! It was a GREAT day, despite the cold, dead car battery & all! That picture of Sophie seeing Santa is TOO cute!!

Donna said...

Great photos...looks like a great time!! Our family did it once too, a special memory!!

Darlene said...

that is way too fun! I LOVE the pic of Shane and Sophie!!!

Katie said...

What a fun special time! Sweet family pic. I can't wait to do this with Z and Colson!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sophies expression in each picture is an absolute blast!! All look great, but the girl has a knack for the camera! YOu must laugh all the time!