Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookies with Grandpa

Y'all know that I adore my precious Grandpa with all my heart! I really believe his love and godly influence on my life shaped and molded me into who I am today. Watching his health decline over the past few months has not been easy, but I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing us more precious time with him.
Time to make more sweet memories for all of us!

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I made some chocolate-chip cookies--just for Grandpa.
After baking our little treats, we headed over to his nursing home to enjoy them with him!

Forgive me, but I just have to brag on Corban for a moment. We have been instructing the boys at home about the importance of good conversations skills. We've talked about eye contact, hand shakes, and the how-to's of carrying on a good conversation.

During our visit on Monday, I really noticed Corban using the skills we've been working on and putting them into practice! I sat back, and watched as my seven year old sweetly carried on a wonderful conversation with my Grandpa. Corban seamlessly chatted with him about everything from the Carolina Panthers to the weather and he did a great job! I was really proud of him!

Sophie enjoyin' her treat!

During our visit, one of these sweet, innocent, little ones
pushed Grandpa's EMERGENCY alarm button on the wall TWICE!!!
Each time all the nurses came running in!
We definitely know how to leave a lasting impression with the nursing home staff, now don't we;)

After our--uh--memorable visit, it was time to say goodbye.

Sophie insisted that Grandpa kiss her baby doll goodbye too!

Sweet Times--
and YES-- Special Memories Were Made!


Kristin said...

How sweet!! It's been so long since I've seen your grandfather, but I remember him as such a sweet, sweet man!

I'm sure that emergency button was the color red and just TOO tempting for little eyes...and fingers :)

Kimberly said...

such a sweet post!

The Corwins said...

Aww, I didn't realize he was in a nursing home now. He is so sweet and I know it's hard to watch our grandparents ge like this:( . You all are so sweet to bring him special cookies. How fun!

Carolina City Girl said...

this is precious! i love seeing little boys act like little men - i'm sure you do a great job of raising them to be Godly men :) that picture of your grandpa kissing your son is the cutest!!

paige said...

Beautiful entry. I could barely hold back the tears from your sweet pictures of your grandpa and little ones! How precious is Corban!! He really is so awesome and his awesomeness says LOTS about you and Shane!!! Brandon and I joke all the time about how we would love to put in our will to leave our kids with you guys if something were to happen to us! You guys are wonderful parents and I'm so thankful to be able to watch the little bit that I get to watch through your blog!! Wish we saw you in person more!!! Please pass some love to your grandpa for us!!!

Mary Ann said... sweet! those choc. chip cookies look yummy?

Annie said...

What a great pictures with your Grandpa.

Did you have an easy recipe for cookies? I want to try it with my girls (last December I burned some cookies)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I bet your Grandpa really enjoyed his visit with you and your family!!!

Melanie said...

What precious moments & memories! And how wonderful for your kids to get to interact with family members of all ages! Way to go, Corban, he's such a little gentleman!

Terri said...

Just precious!!!

April Westerhold said...

This brought tears to my eyes and made me remember visiting my Grandma in the nursing home. Oh how I wish I would have visited her more.


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