Monday, October 25, 2010

Full, Fun, Fall Weekend

Have I mentioned just how much I really LOVE FALL!?!?!
The crisp air, colorful leaves, bright orange pumpkins, and hot apple cider!! just can't ask for anything more.

Well, this weekend was JAM packed with ALL of the above. Our family could not have SQUEEZED one more ounce of FALL fun into our crammed full weekend!

Of course, like EVERY Saturday, our day began bright and early with three soccer games. After the games were over, Shane took the three "big" kids to a birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese, while I took the babies and went to pick up my sister, Al. Al graciously watched the babies for me, while I headed off to a "Sip and See" in honor of my friend, Jessica, and her precious baby, Blythe!

Jessica and her husband Reggie were blessed to add sweet baby Blythe to their family through the beautiful gift of adoption. Oh how we have prayed and prayed and prayed for this precious little girl!!! What a JOY and privilege it was to celebrate the Lord's goodness and Blythe's recent arrival into her forever family!

My dear friend Melanie, and Jessica's good friend, Courtney, were the masterminds behind the details for this lovely shower. EVERYTHING was tastefully done and beautifully put together!

Isn't the cake GORGEOUS?
Ginger, another sweet friend from church, brought this to the shower!
It made a BEAUTIFUL centerpiece and matched the fabric and theme perfectly!

After the "sip and see", I ran home quickly in order to help Shane gather up our troop.
Then it was off to a pumpkin carving party.
Jeff and Stephanie opened up their home and hosted this fun Sunday School class social.
Let me just tell you... this sweet family knows how to throw a party.
First, you must understand that there were probably over 65 people there--40 of those were KIDDOS!!! was some CRAZY FUN!!!

When we got there, the kids headed outside to the backyard where they could play with their friends.

Corban with two of his buddies--Jack and Noah

Sophie LOVED the swing!

After a delicious potluck dinner, it was time for the pumpkin carving to commence.

These boys are ready to create a masterpiece!

"A" and Ri help daddy carve our Jack-o-lantern!

"A" had so much fun carving that
she jumped at the chance to help her friend Sophie carve her pumpkin too!

This was their finished project--a BEAUTIFUL butterfly!

And only mom's of boys will appreciate our families masterpiece.
YES...our pumpkin is throwing up!
GROSS, I know... DEFINITELY not my idea at all,
but my boys thought it was GREAT!!!!
Oh Well!

What's a fall party without a little apple bobbing competition?!?!?

And we have a winner!!!!

And to complete the evening...

all the kids bundled up under blankets, ate popcorn,
and watched a movie under the stars.

And with that, we called it a night.

Oh, but of course we stopped on our way out the door to grab a few Halloween treats!
Thanks so much Jeff and Stephanie!
What a fun, fall, evening--made complete with time spent with wonderful FRIENDS!


Stephanie said...

Fall is our favorite time too, if you couldn't tell! I am so glad your family enjoyed the Pumpkin Carve, we all had a great time as well.

Celia Jimenez said...

Okay...first off...what in the world were you doing up at 4:30AM??? :-) Second, love your family pic at the beginning!!! And third, I laughed so hard at the family pumpkin. I think it was definitely a good pick for the Bruce family but lets hope that it is what was in the PAST for y'all NOT in the FUTURE!!!!

Sarah said...

oh my goodness, oh my goodness! what a GREAT family weekend! aren't those the best?! your kids are adorable - as always. i'm so sad to have missed the sip & see but am happy to hear it was such a special time.

Laci-Jae said...

Jenny- I am a new blogger and have been looking at your blog recently and I can't help but noticed how blessed you are. Your kids are adorable! I hope to continue to follow you!

Cheryl said...

A busy weekend for sure. The party sounded wonderful and great host.

Love the family pic!

Melanie said...

You sure are the early bird & get your posts done so quickly! I don't know how you do that, but I think I may just link up to your post to recapture the weekend, LOL! Great pics & your family pumpkin is great! You'll have to do a monogram "B" and put them beside each other on the front porch!

Terri said...

What a great weekend! The Sip & See was wonderful --- wish I could have stayed longer. What a special, beautiful event to celebrate sweet baby Blythe! The pumpkin carve looked fabulous. What special memories for all your families!!! Blessings!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a busy, fun weekend! I love this time of year!

Brooke said...

Just found you today :) I'm a mother of two boys myself and can appreciate it all!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love all the great pictures! Your family is just beautiful!

Donna said...

Great pumpkins, orange bows and cake!!! ---The kids are cute too!!!

Katie said...

Love those pumpkins shirts, Jenny!

Susan said...

That looks like a fabulous party!

Devin said...

I had to laugh (well, it would perhaps be better phrased "I DIED laughing...") when I saw the family pumpkin--we did that LAST year!

You are right--so fun being the mother of boys! :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are right, I don't think you could have packed any more into this last weekend! That is what is so wonderful about this time of year though, isn't it? All the fun and then we can hibernate for winter!

CarolinaGirl said...

Great pictures! It looks like you all had a great time! What a beautiful family!!

Darlene said...

I love Fall too! What great family pics, as usual.
Wow. that cake was out of this world beautiful!!