Monday, September 13, 2010

A week of FIRSTS!

This has been a week chalked full of fun "FIRSTS" for our house.

1.My sweet Riley had his very FIRST day of preschool last Wednesday!

He did GREAT and LOVED every minute of it. He looked like such a BIG boy as he walked into his little classroom. He did stop, turn around, and give me a huge grin as we waved goodbye.

His teachers are so precious and several of the kids in his class live in our neighborhood.
Actually, some live RIGHT down the street!
Oh, he's going to have a GREAT year!

2. On Friday, "A" was invited to her FIRST ever pajama party.
(It wasn't quite a true sleep over, just an evening full of fun, dressed in comfy pj's)
One of the sweet girls in "A's class hosted a birthday/get to know you party for all the moms and girls in her Kindergarten class.

We ate pizza, played games, and enjoyed some yummy cupcakes. It was such a sweet time and a GREAT way to get to know some of the other girls and their moms.
The girls had a BLAST (of course--who doesn't LOVE a good pajama party, right)!!
Don't these silly girls look oh so...adorable in their little pj's?!?!

3. Saturday morning, it was up and at em' as we headed out to the FIRST games of this soccer season.
Of course, everyone was so excited about the season opener!!

Riley (bless his heart) was so anxious about his game, he actually slept in his soccer uniform;)!!!

Saturday was also "A's" FIRST time playing in a real soccer game.

She too was so...excited,

BUT even more excited that her mom could come watch her play in her first game!

After a few seasons playing flag football, Corban is back to soccer (his FIRST true love)!
He enjoys the game and I can tell his skills are really improving!
Our little soccer star in the making;)

4. Also, my sweet little Wee Praisers Children's Choir started back up on Sunday night. I am teaching with my friend Alice again this year. I think this is our fourth year working together with this group!

I so adore my four and five year olds and LOVE the fact that Ri and "A" are in my choir this year!
All these kiddo's bless my heart to no end!!



Melanie said...

What a great week of firsts! I love the pix of Ri all ready for school! He is such a big boy! Thanks for all that you do with the kids choir!

Melanie said...

Oh & I forgot to say that the soccer pictures are adorable! That is TOO cute about Ri sleeping in his uniform, but I bet it was actually a great timesaver!

Annie said...

Great list of "firsts'. The kids look so cute.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a great week! I love the first day of preschool and soccer game pictures!