Friday, September 17, 2010

A reason to celebrate...

Both of these sweet girls have birthdays this month.
Sophie's was yesterday-the 16th, and "A's" is coming up on Tuesday-the 21st. In honor of their birthdays, we decided to throw one big birthday bash for BOTH girls in a couple of weeks. Since yesterday was Sophie's actual birthday though, I didn't want the day to go by without having a small celebration, so my parents, grandparents, and few of my sisters came over to our house for dinner, cake, and presents last night.

I made baked ziti, which is one of Sophie's all time favorite meals!

After dinner it was present time!
Of course, Sophie LOVED opening a few gifts!

Sophie passes out a few "thank you kisses"!!!!

Love you Grandpa.

Kisses for Grandma!

Love for Grammy and Papa!

Time for cake.
Happy Birthday little one!

Make a wish sweet girl!

Riley and Al enjoy their cake!

We love you to the moon and back!
Happy 2nd birthday Sophie Lu!!!


caycee said...

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Sophie!! Jenny you are such a cute and mom, I know the girls cant wait for their birthday bash :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to those two sweet girls!!! My own 'A' has a Birthday this month too!

Melanie said...

A very sweet reason to celebrate, indeed! Love all of the photos & the girls are adorable!!!

Shay said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sophie!

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Sophie.
Could y'all be any cuter??

Celia Jimenez said...

Happy happy birthday to one of our most favorite little gals! We love you So-so!!! So glad you had a great day...hope this proves to be a "fun" (healthy) weekend!!

Kelli said...

It's birthday week at our house too! Our youngest turned 2 on the 17th and our middle son will turn 4 on the 21st too! I can tell you all are enjoying the celebrations as much as we are.