Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scooting to School

Wednesday morning our alarm went off bright and early. It was the signal that summer was officially over and it was back to the "old grind"! No more sleepin' in and no more lazy days sittin' poolside! It's now time for our fall activities to begin and our days to be filled with homework and soccer practices;).

Corban started the second grade this year.

I can't believe I have a second grader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is always a little apprehensive at the start of a new year, but getting the teacher he wanted made the beginning of school a little easier.

Every second grader hopes to get Mr. B! He's the only male teacher in the school and used to be a clown before becoming a teacher. That will give you a little insight into what kind of personality Mr. B has!

He seems like a ton of fun and I am praying this is going to be a GREAT year for Cor!

"A" will be a BIG kindergartner this year, but our county has the staggered start program, so her first day of school isn't until Monday. She is super excited and can't wait to be at school with Corban!

She is keeping busy though with several pre-school get togethers.

It's been a GREAT way for her to get to know other girls who will also start school this year too!

I know God has big things planned for both "A" and Cor this year and I can't wait to see how much they grow, learn, and mature!
Looking forward and trusting Him for a GREAT year!!!


Ashlee said...

How sweet!! "A" seems like a very special little girl and I'm so glad the Lord allowed her to be with your family.

Your kids are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

is mr. b wearing pink shoes?! i think i'd want him as a teacher too! :)

Kim said...

You are such an inspiration. Your kids are so blessed to have you for a Mommy! I'm so thankful to know you!

Shannon said...

Love the new Header on your blog!!! So cute!

Meg said...

I think you and your family are just adorable! I have enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog! Today I am sending a little sunshine your way and passing along the sunshine award to you. Thanks for sharing your life with us! ;)
Stop by my blog and pick up your award.

Melanie said...

This post just makes me SO happy! Cor looks SO ready for 2nd grade, he's going to have a great year! And it makes my heart smile to see A having so much fun getting to know some new school friends! I know she's going to have a wonderful year, too!

JMom said...

I just spent several minutes catching up on you.
1- You and your family are ADORABLE!!!
2- I am so blessed by your obedience to sharing your home with A

I was blessed by my visit here!!

Annie said...

Hope they have a wonderful school year.

Jessica said...

I love all the pictures! They are just too cute! My daughter started 2nd grade as well, and I just can't believe it!

Celia Jimenez said...

I completely agree with Melanie...Cor looks so grown up!!! And I'm so excited for A as she heads off today. I will be praying it is a wonderful day for her!!! :-)

Darlene said...

Congratulations on a great start to the school year!

Mary Ann said...

How sweet! Great pictures! A will Love Kindergarten. Sara Ava sure did and Lilee can't wait to go next year! Then I will have all 5 in school. You can't imagine all the mommy homework I have now with 4 in school, not to mention 5. Ahhhh!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope Corban and "A" have a great year!