Monday, August 23, 2010

"A Day At The Park" for foster families

Saturday, we spent the day at beautiful Cane Creek Park!

Our family, along with several other foster families, were invited by our county DSS to enjoy a wonderful "Day at the Park"! Many of the sweet social workers we have worked with were also there with their own family's as well.

I know "A" seemed to enjoy seeing all the familiar faces that have had a hand in helping her and her mom over the past several months. It was nice to get a chance to hang out with other foster family's and their precious kids too! I know it was comforting to "A" to meet these other kids, and realize that they too are in similar situations as herself.

The day kicked-off with a delicious catered lunch. We were served hamburgers and hot dogs, along with ALL the yummy fixin's!

After lunch, we headed straight to the paddle boats.

Shane took the older three for a ride, while I stayed on shore with the babies.

After the paddle boats, it was time for some Putt-Putt golf!

The kids had a BLAST playing and both Cor and "A" managed to each score a hole in one!!!

They were ecstatic!

Even Sophie and Hudson tried their hand at some golf!

Too cute!!!

And if that weren't enough fun for one afternoon---we STILL had yet to pay a visit to the playground.
So off we went...

The babies had fun in the swings, while the big kids enjoyed time running around and playing with each other!


Miss "A"
aka---our little monkey

My two SWEET girls!!!

We were hoping to enjoy a cool swim in the lake too, but the afternoon got away from us, and before we knew it it was time to head home!

Oh well, just one more reason why we will definitely be making another visit to this park again soon!!
Looking forward to it already!


Mary Ann said...

We love Cane Creek. When I was a teen I lived a few min. from there. Now we live about 20 min. from there,across the border in SC. One of my best friends literally lives right across from Cane Creek with her 6 kids. She runs and bikes there everyday.

Glad you guys had a great time! Cute pictures!

Melanie said...

It looks like the MOST fun day! So glad that you guys had a great time! My parents live about 10 minutes from there!

Celia Jimenez said...

Looks like a blast! Can't believe how big Sophie is getting...and how LONG her hair is!!! And I had to chuckle at the flipped up collars...Shane and his boys! :-)

Stephanie said...

Jenny it looks like you had a really great time. There is so much to do at Cane Creek I can see why you ran out of time. The kids look so adorable, I love the picture of Sophie playing putt putt!

Darlene said...

now, there are A LOT of happy faces in that post. Adorable as usual!

Courtney said...

What a wonderful event. Your family is growing so much, Sophie and Hudson look so much more grown up.