Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pink or Blue??????

That was the question of the day!!

Yesterday, my sister B and her husband Matt, found out if they would be adding another sweet little boy or girl to their growing family.

Last night, our family and friends gathered at my parents home for the BIG reveal! We all wondered if the boys would continue to dominate, or would the addition of a little girl start to even things out a bit?!?! We waited anxiously as B and Matt passed out sealed envelopes to each person there.

On the count of three, their little guy Jake yelled "GO!" and we tore into our envelopes to find out the much anticipated results.

It's A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am over the moon with excitement for both B and Matt and can't wait to meet sweet little
Brooklyn Hope in December!
I am so glad I have someone to pass on all Sophie's dresses too;)!!

After the reveal, we all enjoyed some YUMMY
PINK cupcakes!

"A" and precious Riley.

Cor thought it was a GIRL all along, and he was happy to be RIGHT!!

My sweet Grandma and Hudson enjoying their cupcakes!

Jake is going to make a SUPER big brother!!!!

We ALL can"t wait to meet precious Brooklyn!
She is already one very loved little girl!!!!


Courtney said...

How exciting for your family. I am sure Sophie will love a little girl to play with.

Ashlee said...

Yay!! Little girls are SOOO much fun. I must admit that my little boy is more cuddly but it's more fun to dress little girls!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Congrats !!! Girls are tons of fun :) !! I have 2 and feel so blessed !!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Don't you just LOVE reveal parties? I get so excited when I hear someone is having one because they are!!!

Congratulations on the girl!! Sophie will have so much fun with her :)

Melanie said...

What a great idea, the reveal party! That is such wonderful news, congrats to Bethany!

Terri said...

What a FUN idea!!! I am so happy for your family. Your sister looks exactly like your mom!! Blessings!

Mary Ann said...


Donna said...

What a neat way to find out...December will be so special!!!

Annie said...

That's great!!! Congrats!!!

Nic said...

So Fun!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How exciting! What a great way to announce the news!

Cari B said...

I love following your blog and your sweet sweet family. You are SUCH a great wife and mom and encourage me every day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polkadotted table cloth that is in the pictures. Do you know where your sister got it? I am planning my daughter's 1 year bday party (polkadot themed of course!). Thank you!!

Darlene said...

congrats to your sister!!! (ps. I love your hair long! It is beautiful!)