Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is (officially) HERE!!!!

Corban is out of school and summer can now officially begin at our house! We are so.....excited!
On Tuesday, we had a fun ice cream party for Corban's class to celebrate the end of a WONDERFUL year!!

The kids had a great time building their very own sundae.
Sophie likes to close her eyes when I take her pic!
Crazy Girl!

Before we dug into the ice cream though, Corban's class put on a few short plays for the parents, and then Mrs. Adams (Cor's precious teacher) presented special awards to the students!

Corban received the Perfectly Polite Award!
Of course you know the manners teacher in me was just bursting with pride ;)!!!

Corban and Mrs. Adams :)

Corban has had a wonderful first grade year!!!
He has grown in so many area's, but especially as a confident reader! His reading has improved so much and he LOVES reading books. Every night you will find Corban curled up in his bed, with Riley right beside him, reading books together!
One of Corban's favorite books to read this year has become his Bible.
Oh how I love that about him!!!

Corban and his good buddy Bryson!
These two have been in the same class two years in a row now!
We are hoping and praying they will be together next year too!!

Corban also learned the importance and value of being a good friend this year. Through different circumstances, Corban had the opportunity to share God's love and pray for several of his friends! I am very proud of him!

So with school OUT, I say... BRING ON those lazy days of summer!

Days where we have nothing better to do than run through sprinklers, eat popsicles, and play at the pool!



Susan said...

Yeah for summer! Hope you have a great summer with your babies!

CarolinaGirl said...

I love Riley's bathing suit! It is adorable! Have a great summer!

Annie said...

Congratulations Corban!!!!

Have lots of fun this summer.

Enjoy the weekend.

Courtney said...

Enjoy your summer with all your kids. I am sure it will be a blast.

Terri said...

We had an ice cream party for Jacob's class, too! Corban is such a sweetie! Congratulations to him on his award!! It is well-deserved. How wonderful that he loves to read. I am sooooo glad summer is here!!! Blessings!

Celia Jimenez said...

Yes he is...perfectly polite! :-) And he hasn't even been to one of your classes...he must live with the teacher! Happy SUMMERTIME!!! Yay!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Congratulations on the award, Corban!

He looks like such a sweet, well-mannered boy! I hope you enjoy your summer!

Beth Dunn said...

Lazy days of summer are so my thing! Can't wait

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year~..................................................

Mary Ann said...

I had some catching up to do! Looks like you all are having a Busy , but fun summer too! Love all the pictures!

Melanie said...

Congrats to Corban, I have to agree with his teacher, he is as polite a young man as I've ever seen and SO cute! So glad he had a great year in 1st grade & how awesome that he loves to hide God's Word in his heart!
Love the photo of Sophie with her eyes closed!