Thursday, April 15, 2010

A chilly park day

~First of all...THANK YOU so much for leaving me so....many of your doughnut recipes! I can't wait to try them! I guess we'll be eating A LOT of doughnuts around here;)!!!!~

The funny thing about a North Carolina spring is it's all or nothing. I mean, it's either 50 degrees, or 90. We don't really get long periods of spring-like-70 degree weather. After days and days of warm sunshine, yesterday was cloudy and only about 50 degrees. Of course, I didn't realize just how chilly it was until we were on our way to the park.

We were dressed for spring---flip flops for me and sandals for the kids. Thankfully, I had jackets stashed in the van, or else we would never have lasted very long at the park.

Because it was such a cool day, we basically had the entire park to ourselves. The kids stayed warm by running around and playing on the playground. They stopped only for a moment to eat our picnic lunch.

After our lunch we headed down to the lake to feed the ducks some of our left overs. I'll be honest...feeding the ducks makes me nervous.

Well, it's not really the ducks I mind, it's the Canadian geese. I HATE the GEESE!!!
They just seem mean.
We fed the ducks for a few minutes, but then the geese noticed us and wanted a snack too. They started to fly over the lake towards us. For me, when I see them coming, panic sets in. I tried to be calm, but they just kept getting closer and closer.

Finally, I scooped the babies up and we ALL high-tailed ourselves right out of there. So silly, right!?!?! Maybe one day I'll conquer my fear, but as for now we'll just run when I see them coming;)!!!


These Are The Days said...

We just returned from the park...should be 90 degrees today. I don't blame you for taking off because of the geese. I was nervous today w/ the ducks coming right up to us on the side walk. I'm sure w/ the geese, you fear them swooping up one of you bambino's and fly off w/ them...I would! :)

Brooke Barber said...

Ummmm, Hudson's smile there is just about the cutest thing ever! Do you just eat him up every day???

Bethany said...

I love going to the park. We can plan some trips together over the summer!

Courtney said...

Cute pictures. It is supposed to start cooling off here tomorrow, so we will have to pull out the jackets again too.

Annie said...

You are not along, for sure I run,ha.

Great pictures!!!

Melanie said...

This spring has been crazy with the temps up & down & up & down! Glad you made a fun day of the park despite the cooler temps! I'm lol about the geese though, but they actually are fairly large birds!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That's a beautiful park! PA weather is very similar to what you're describing. Today it was 80, and this weekend, it's going to be in the high 40's. Boo!