Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the games begin... lack of blogging last week was because our house took yet another hit of sickness. I feel as if that's all I have been blogging about lately. It's become quite redundant--I know. Believe me...I am so tired of sickness. Last Thursday evening Hudson developed a TERRIBLE ear ache. He was up the ENTIRE NIGHT!!!! Shane and I both agreed it was the worst night we ever had with ANY of our kids. Poor little guy. He screamed all night long. We called the Dr. during the night and he called us in some ear numbing drops in hopes that they would dull the pain and get us through the night. Poor Shane was at the pharmacy at 1am picking up the prescription. It helped a little. I, of course, was at the doctors office first thing the next morning. Well, my poor little guys ear drum ruptured during the night, but after a few days on the antibiotics he is feeling back to his sweet little self again!
Praise the Lord!

Now on to happier times...

Saturday was a day filled with---what else...

Both boys are playing, and Saturday morning they each had their season opener!
What a day it was!!! The weather was BEAUTIFUL, and the kids had a blast.

They had been looking forward to game day all week long!

Shane is coaching both Cor and Ri's teams this season. Each Saturday, Ri plays first, and
Cor plays immediately after that.

So, yes...the soccer fields is where we will be spending every
Saturday morning now for the next few months.

I spent the entire morning cheering on the teams from the sidelines and chasing after this sweet little munchkin. This is a girl on the move. I think we have another soccer star in the making!

I already have a pair of PINK (hand me down) cleats waiting in her closet, ready to go! LOL
Keeping up with the babies on the field is quite the job!!

What worked on Saturday, is I put Hudson on my back in his carrier and then had my arms free to chase Sophie around the fields. Let me tell you, I was one worn our mama after the morning was over, but so were the kids! Sophie and Hudson both took GREAT naps!!! The outdoors and the fresh air wore them out too!!

Gotta LOVE soccer season!


Angela said...

I am sorry to read that ya'll have been sick again! I completly understand, I have three girls and this has been the worst year for sickness for us too! I feel like we get a little break and then it is right back! I am now telling myself only 11 more weeks of school and germs coming home! :)
Have a great week!

Amy said...

Wow! You have been through the ringer this season! Hopefully, Jesus will fill your home with health this spring. You all sure deserve it!!!!

Be Blessed and HEALTHY this week!


Terri said...

It looks like Mommy got a workout on the soccer field, too! It was a great day... just SO cold in the morning! I am happy the weather is getting warmer. And it is fun to be back at soccer... we've had a year off. Poor Hudson! I pray no one is sick again for a long, long while. Blessings!

Annie said...

So sorry to read the kids sickness.

It looks like Saturday was a wonderful day.

Have a great week.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great season opening day! We missed being there, and will have to come out to cheer the boys on one morning!