Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another CRAZY week

Well our poor house has had yet another round of sickness. Crazy---I know!!! This time it was the most dreaded bug of all---THE STOMACH BUG----YUCK !!! Oh, how I despise this icky illness. It's the absolute worst! Corban came down with it first, at the beginning of the week, and then several days went by before Riley actually got it. Every night we go to bed just wondering who it's next victim will be.

This is like the third week of sickness we have had since the beginning of the year. Seriously, my house feels like a big germ breading ground!!! We are just passing these nasty germs around from one person to the next. I am praying that this will be the end of it, and that our family will stay healthy now for the rest of the year. Oh, I can hope!! So this has been another week of just laying low and nursing my sweet sick babies back to health.

The weekend is now upon us and I am still taking care of my sweet sick babies. I am so sad to be missing church yet again today. Despite all the sickness, we have had a few highlights this weekend. It's not all been a total bummer.

Saturday morning, Shane and Corban (who was, thankfully, feeling much better) got to go the men's prayer breakfast at our church.

Shane really enjoys going to these, but this was the first time he took Corban with him. Cor was super excited to spend the morning with his daddy and I know he really felt grown up to be going to the breakfast. My Grandpa and Uncle Charlie always attend these prayer meetings too, so Shane and Cor got to sit at a table with them. They all had a yummy breakfast and enjoyed a special time together.

Shane and Cor came home just in time to pick up Sophie and Riley for a birthday party at Monkey Joes. Off they went, for a morning of jumping FUN! I stayed home with Hudson in order to Lysol/clean my house. I needed to get my house back in order because my sweet family was coming over Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday with me.

Actually, at my birthday party was when Riley got sick. (This sickness comes on If I would have had any idea Ri was going to be sick, I would never have sent him to the b-day party at Monkey Joe's, or had my entire family come over here for a party. I feel so....bad, and I am praying no one will get sick from us.

Anyway, it was LOVELY...just as every one was arriving...Riley began throwing up. He missed the entire party, and I spent most of my time running back and forth between the party and upstairs to check on him.

Needless to say, I'll never forget this 30th birthday party;)!

Al and Corban enjoy their yummy cake!

My sweet Sophie girl LOVES to party!

Thankfully, this bug is just a 24 hour thing, and Riley is actually feeling somewhat better today. I am just holding my breath (literally) and praying that the babies don't get it. We'll just wait and see.

Here's hoping you had a great, and of course HEALTHY, weekend!


Shosh said...

We're all the way up in Illinois and we had this bug this week also! Throughout the past 2 weeks we've all gotten it! It's not fun, but thankfully it passes very quickly. Glad everyone is feeling better!

Kimberly said...

You look beautiful at your party even though you were running back and forth with a sick child!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

Girl, I know what you mean, we have had EVERYTHING this winter too!....the flu, the "throw-up bug" as my called it, MULTIPLE colds and ear infections! I'm praying that spring will bring a better....less sick house for us! Hope no one else gets Riley's bug!

BRANDY said...

Oh no! The joys of parenthood....

My boys actually caught that nasty bug on our Disney cruise. Steve and I were trapped in that tiny, airless cabin with them for three days and we didn't get it. (But for the grace of God!) I'll say a prayer you and your babies are spared. I hope you had a great birthday anyway! You still looked beautiful, even while nursing a sick one. You'll have to tell me how you do it! ;-)

Sonya said...

Girl, it hit our house like wildfire this past week too, leaving no one untouched...praying for you!!

dawn said...

ohhhh yuck jenny! we were right there with you last week, four out of six of us had the yucky stomach bug too. it was such a long hard week! but we got through it! praying everyone will be healthy at your house! i know you are like me, so ready for spring!!