Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Baby

Friday, we celebrated Riley's 4th birthday. He doesn't actually turn 4 until
December 22nd, but because his birthday falls so close to Christmas, we usually celebrate a little earlier in the month.
Riley had a few of his best buddies over (those that are not in school on Friday's=) for a little celebration!

We played "Pass Rudolph"---like hot potato.

We also made candy necklaces.
Shane's sister Sallie and my sweet niece Makayla.

Grandma Cathy, Sophie, and Shane.

We are SO thankful for Riley, our precious Christmas baby!!
He is FULL of life, and brings so much JOY to our home.

I love tucking my sweet Riley into bed each night. As I crawl into bed with him, to snuggle for a few minutes, Riley will usually say..."Let's talk mom." Most of the time we just talk about what he did that day, or what he is going to do the next day, but it's in those precious moments that I witness my little one turning into a sweet young man.

Oh how I pray that he will grow into a bold and strong man of God.
I pray that he will seek the Lord in all he does and that he will walk close to Him all his days.

Make a wish birthday boy!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Riley!!!!
We love you more than you could ever imagine!!!!


Courtney said...

Looks like a great party. I love the cake. I understand the wanting to celebrate a little early. My birthday is January 3rd and it is rough having a birthday so close to Christmas. Happy Birthday Riley!

Faith said...

Happy Birthday Riley!! He is so precious and this was such a sweet post!

dawn said...

wow! sweet riley is 4 already! i remember when he was a newborn baby ~ it looks like he is just as sweet! happy happy bday to your little man!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a great party! He is such a cute little boy!

Melanie said...

Riley is such a precious boy, Happy Birthday! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time celebrating! And what a cute cake!

Kelly said...

What a precious little boy! I love how he wants to talk when you tuck him in :)

4torock said...

Happy Birthday Riley! Jenny- he is to cute for words:)

*love the shirt!