Tuesday, March 3, 2009

YUMMY treats...

Saturday was a miserable day weather wise! It was cold, wet, and dreary outside! After being stuck in the house all afternoon, we decided to venture out for a while. Even though it was freezing outside we decided to go grab some ice cream.
Ice cream tastes good no matter what the weather---right?!?!?

I decided Sophie deserved a little taste too!!! Oh my goodness----she of course LOVED it!!!!!!
A girl after my own heart!

Riley loves the "black kind" as he likes to call it---
aka Chocolate

Corban and Al enjoyed their cone!!!

A YUCKY night...A YUMMY treat!!!


Mandy said...

I'm sure little Sophie loved the icecream. We have started to let Seth have little taste here and there. Sweets by far seem to be his favorite!

Melanie said...

So precious & a little Ice Cream always brightens up ANY day!

Mary Ann said...

Oh yum Sophie, you lucky girl! I bet you will not want any baby food now!What a fun way to cheer up a day! Jenny we need to meet sometime and let the kids play since we live right down the road from one another!