Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Some Valentine Fun...

I have had the privilege of hosting two women's events at my home over the past week. One was with the ladies who sit at my table during Bible study, and the other was neighborhood Bunco! Both evenings were fun and I had a great time getting together with these groups of ladies!!!
Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, I decided to do a Valentine theme for both events! A few weeks ago, I started to brain storm ways I wanted to decorate. Being that I am on a budget, I started to search other blogs for ideas and then took bits and pieces of the ideas that I found and made them my own!! Blogs have proven to be great resources to find creative ideas for any occasion!! I'm not a very creative person myself, but I do really enjoy decorating my home for a holiday (any holiday)!

This is what I came up with---
I did what the Nester always says to do..."shop the house first"---
I did just that in order to see what I already had and then went from there!

I used my plate rack as one of the centerpieces on my island. I added a big read bow to the top.
(Both evenings, the ladies brought with them either an appetizer or dessert to share.)

The boys helped me make yummy Valentine cupcakes... which looked so cute on each plate!

I made Kelly's Korner's Cherry Limeade Punch.
It's pink with red cherries- very Valentine-ish

I found these cute little frames in the dollar section at Target. All three for $1!!
My sister Al helped by making cute little Valentine sayings to put in each of the frames!

I already had this hurricane and candle--I just bought a big bag of conversation hearts and filled it up.

The table---all put together

During one of our snow days last week, I had my boys help me make a Valentine banner. I got out all my valentine paper, scissors, glue, stickers, etc.

The boys did a great job making several Valentines. It kept them busy for hours.

I hung them up on a piece of heart ribbon across my mantle!

I found a few other odds and ends that I either already had or picked up to finish off my valentine theme!

I had a great time decorating, and the best compliment I received was from my precious Corban. He walked in the door from school, after I had been busy decorating, and said,
"Wow mom, it looks like a giant valentine in here!" So sweet!

While I was getting things in order for one of my get togethers one afternoon,
my boys were kept busy making Valentine candy necklaces!

They enjoyed making them---but I think they had more fun eating them!


Bethany said...

Everything looked "LOVEly"! I made the Cherry Lime Punch last night and it was very good! Thanks for the tip!

Mary Ann said...

How cute! I have nothing decorated for Val-Day. You put me to shame!

Terri said...

Great job, Jenny! You make everything so fun!!!

Susan said...

Very pretty Jenny! I may just have to steal your hurricane/candy idea. I have a hurricane globe that is sitting empty right now. What a great way to use it during Valentines week.

Jessica said...

Super cute, I'm feeling the love all the way over here.

Melanie said...

Everything looks positively beautiful! I love the Valentine's Day garland idea,I might have to steal that one! I know that everyone you hosted felt the love!

MiMi said...

You did such a great job with all of your decorations. Those cupcakes look so good right now and that punch sounds delicious!

And you gotta love the Dollar Spot at Target, don't you?!?!

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Darlene said...

You did such a good job with your "shopping the house first!" Everything looks great!

LeighAnne said...

Great decorating ideas. I love "shopping the house" too. Thanks for sharing!