Monday, February 16, 2009

The funny things people say!

So Shane and I are totally getting a kick out of the comments people-- total strangers at that, make to us about our family situation. In the beginning of this pregnancy, before I was really showing, we would go places as a family and people would comment on "how great" I looked to just have had a baby-( Sophie being a newborn at the time)! I would just smile back and politely say "thank you!" We didn't feel like it was necessary to explain our situation or that Sophie was adopted. Now that Sophie is 5 months old and I am 7 months along, my belly (as you can see in the picture) is quite swollen.

7 months... about 8 weeks to go!

We are now getting a whole new set of comments, stares, and questions. I know people totally mean well, but it's just funny to see them look at me and my rather large belly, and try to figure out our family's situation. Shane and I laugh, because I'm sure people are thinking "Wow...look at that poor girl! What a belly she still has on her to have a baby that old! Stop eating those doughnuts and do a few more sit ups- hon!" lol!!!

Last week we were at one of Shane's football games and I was holding Sophie. This sweet lady came up to me and we started chatting. We talked for a few moments and I could tell she was just dying to know more about our situation. So after she asked me how old my children were and I told her, she looked right down at my very OBVIOUSLY pregnant belly and said... "So are you planning to have any more??????"

I just replied nicely, "Yes we sure are. Our little guy should be arriving in about 8 weeks. "
"Really!" she replied,
"I couldn't even tell you were pregnant!"

I just smiled back, but in my head I was thinking..." Really!?!?! Do you think that I could just normally look like this!?!?!"

Oh well--- Shane and I had a good laugh later!


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Oh my!! I guess I hadn't thought about that would look to people who don't know your situation!!

What a great story :)

Also, you look GREAT!!

Darlene said...

this post had me roaring! I bet I would look at you in TOTAL confusion! you DO look soooo cute. (but I have to say, Better you than me! I was NOT a happy pregnant woman. heehee. :))

4torock said...

so funny! U look so great :) I am so ready to be only 8 weeks... 4weeks...2 weeks away lol! And u r a happy pregant lady- yes there are a few who r grumpy these days ( who... me??)!! tee hee :) 14 weeks left for me!

The Golf Widow said...

I agree.When I was huge pregnant with my third, my first and second were almost 3 and 1 1/2.I would get "don't you know where babies come from?" I would smile and say, "yes,and we are so blessed!"

In a few months people will be trying to figure out if the babies are twins, or friends. :)

Melanie said...

Jenny, you are so precious & SO beautiful (pregnant or not!) People sure do say some crazy things...especially to pregnant's like reverse pregnancy brain, people just think they can say anything to a pregnant lady!

MiMi said...

What an adorable picture of you! You look absolutely radiant! I can't believe that you only have 8 weeks to go --how exciting!

Jessica said...

Jenny, I never thought about what people might say or think about your family situation...too funny! Glad you can laugh about people's crazy comments. You look fab by the way. When I was pregnant I wouldn't ever let anyone take my picture...I so regret it now. My gut was huge but who cares, it was all baby!

Elizabeth said...

You are so funny womanhood! And I miss you and your mom so very much!

You ARE the most beautiful woman inside and outside that I know!

Blessings all over you and your family!

Stefanie said...

Oh how funny. I've had funny stares/comments about people wondering how I have a 7,5,4 and 2 year old and no "baby fat"? I've also had someone ask me "are they all yours?" which also gave my husband and I a chuckle!


Mary Ann said...

That is too funny! Sophie fits in with your family so well that I am sure people are thinking hmmm! But I know those looks and those comments. Since we adopted 2 girls from Gautemala. No one ever questions Lilee, but people are always asking (esp. when all 5 are with me) are they All yours? I happily reply yes they are! When the whole family is out together we get many stares and questions and comments. But none like yours! Just enjoy and think jokes on yoy all!