Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Me...

So my friend Jessica wrote a post entitled 'Not Me Monday". Even though it is now Wednesday, I still decided it would be fun to play along!

On Mondays, you are supposed to blog about the things you did that you normally would not want to admit. You can "pretend" you really did NOT do those things that you actually did do! Make sense?!?
Well...here I go...

I, unfortunately, have had several of these moments so far this week.

~ I did NOT attempt to dry Sophie's wet/soiled outfit under the hand dryer at the mall on Monday because I forgot to pack her an extra change of clothes in her diaper bag.

~ I did NOT purposely skip a few pages in Riley's book at nap time yesterday so I could quickly watch the last few minutes of the Bachelor before Corban got off the bus from school!

~ I did NOT make my 3 year old share the leftover brownie batter with me after we made brownies yesterday!

~ I did NOT rock Sophie to sleep again today after I made a commitment to myself that I would try and let her learn to put herself to sleep! (Rocking her is just so much easier!)

~ Corban (our 5 year old) did NOT beat me in Wii tennis and bowling... AGAIN!!!

What did you NOT do?


Jessica said...


Thanks for playing along. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who needed a place admit the "not me" fun in our everyday lives.

Jessica <><

Susan said...

Davis is now 3 and I am still rocking him to sleep at nap time (only nap time). I just can't give it up just yet! Love your new blog name and layout! Hope you are well.

Celia Jimenez said...

That is soooo funny about Sophie's outfit...no wonder it took so long in the bathroom. We were starting to wonder about you! :-)

Mary Ann said...

Too cute! What a great idea!

Holly said...

i do not admit that i prop my baby girl's bottles sometimes! (i was a nurse and used to get on parent after parent for this!!)