Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas idea...

Tuesday evening I had a Manners and More Christmas Mother-Daughter Social. It always is such a sweet and special time for the girls and their moms to be together. (I can't wait until Sophie is old enough to be a part of the class with me!!!)

The evening not only provides fellowship, but also a great opportunity for the girls to practice some of the skills we have been working on in class. Each mom and daughter are asked to come prepared to share with the group a favorite Christmas family tradition. I love this time of sharing. It's so neat to hear what other families do to make Christmas special in their home. I always come away with great ideas and traditions that I want to start with my own family.

Here I am with a few of my precious girls.

One of the moms shared that each year they pass out cookies to all her friends and neighbors. Each homemade cookie on the plate represents a Christian theme or message. She attaches the following card to the gift that explains what each cookie means...

An ANGEL brought the glorious news to the shepherds that a Savior had been born.
Wise men followed a bright STAR.
They brought precious gifts much like the gifts we have under our TREE.
The best gift of all that day was Jesus. God sent His only Son that whoever accepts
Him into their HEART will have life everlasting.
Let the BELLS ring
out this holiday season as we celebrate Jesus' birthday and God's greatest gift to us.

What a great way to share the TRUE meaning of Christmas.


Jessica said...

How fun and I'm sure you'll love it even more when Sophie's old enough to participate.

MiMi said...

That is a great way to share the true meaning of Christmas with others! What a great picture, too!

Darlene said...

yes! a great idea!