Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Man's Junk is Another Women's Treasure

I LOVE to go to yard sales on Saturday mornings. It has to be one of my most favorite things to do. You just never know what treasure you will discover.

Well, yesterday morning I headed out along with my sisters, Bethany and Kelly. Here we are at the start of our day.
We began our adventure around 6:30am in hopes of finding a great bargain. I normally map out where to go so I can make the best use of our time and also to be sure we don't miss any sales on the way. Our first stop was a neighborhood yard sale. These sales are the best because you can enjoy more sales with the least amount of driving. We were definitely not disappointed. We each scored some really great deals. One of the best sales we came upon was at the home of a lady who owned a home accessory store. She had closed the store and was selling her goods at her yard sale. She had lots of great stuff at GREAT prices!!!

So what did I come home with? All kinds of great stuff! I only spent a total of $40 and this is some of what I picked up...

I found this black, wood mirror with a attached shelf.

I just loved this pair of chair pictures.

This topiary was only $1!!!

I have been looking for a new bathroom rug for my guest bath downstairs.
I found a great one today!

This plate was my favorite find of the day. I bought two of them.
The are so pretty and I love the colors!

I also found a little tykes picnic table, a few games, and some clothes for the boys!!!
My sisters did great too! Kelly found a Vera Bradly pocketbook and wallet in mint condition for only $10!!!! That definitely was the find of the day. Along with a few other items, Bethany found this adorable khaki and checked Pottery Barn Quilt. It too was in perfect condition.
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!!!!!


Cindy said...

WOW - that stuff doesn't look like it came from yard sales! I'm impressed. . .I need to shop where you shop!!


Faith said...

Great finds! Makes me want to get up early this Saturday and get out there to find some treasures!

Faith said...

Great finds! Makes me want to get up early this Saturday and get out there to find some treasures!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Wow! I'm amazed at what you find at yard sales! I'll have hitch a ride with you one Saturday and learn the ropes! :)

Love the beach slideshow!!

Melanie said...


I hope you keep doing this kind of post. I really enjoy seeing your finds as a fellow bargain hunter!
Everything looks beautiful in your house.

Holly said...

You make me miss yard sales soo bad!! I am so used to bumping into you at least once a season while we are both out bargain shopping. My house seems so bare now, because i can't bring myself to buy anything in the store when I know i could find it at a yard sale at a fraction of the price-- except we have no yard sales down here!