Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

Yesterday afternoon I was getting the boys ready to go to the pool for the afternoon. As I was gathering the towels, sunscreen, pool toys, drinks, and snacks, I told the boys to go ahead and get in the car. We normally walk down, but I forgot to charge their little John Deer tractor that they drive to the pool. We have too much stuff to carry with us, so we decided to drive. It's only like a 5 minute walk, but in this 100 + degree heat, well, it's just easier to drive. I put everything in the car including the keys and ran back into the house to grab one more thing. All the doors on the car were shut except the back passenger door. Corban came running back into the house right behind me to use the bathroom. He shut that passenger door behind him. The next think I heard is the beep of car being locked. Riley had climbed up into the driver seat and was playing with the car keys. I went running back out to the car and checked all the doors. They were all locked. He was locked inside the car in this heat. I did what any calm, collective mom would do in this situation... I PANICKED!!!!! I tried to get him to unlock the car and was directing him as to what button to push, but he couldn't get it. He was pushing every button but the right one! (I have been driving Shane's car this week to save on gas, so I didn't have an extra key in the house.) I decided that I had no choice and called 911. They told me they would be there in a few minutes. Just as I hung up the phone with them, Riley unlocked the doors!!!!!!!!!! I called 911 right back and told them he was safe and out of the car. Praise the Lord!!!!
I definitely learned a few lessons yesterday. I won't ever leave my keys in the car again and I will always buckle the kids in their car seats right away. That way, they can't hurt themselves (or lock the doors) by climbing around in the car. Lessons learned the hard way!
I hope your afternoon was not nearly as eventful as mine!!!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad everyone is OK! That had to be so frustrating that he pushed every button except the correct one :)

Faith said...

Oh Jenny!! I am SO glad that the boys are okay and that Riley figured out how to unlock it himself. I'm sure there was some panicking going on! Thank goodness he is safe and sound now!
P.S. Unfortunately, I usually learn my lessons the hard way too =)
P.S.S. Thanks for your comments on my blog...I like the black and pink too!

Tami said...

How scary that must have been for you! I'm so glad everything worked out that that both boys are fine! :)

Holly said...

Don't feel bad-- Chris and I have done that twice!!! AND the police had to come both times. One time it took them over an hour to get in!! It was horrible, but we laugh now. Chris and I did not win parents of the year that year!! Actually, I think God created us to show the world that you can love God and your family with all your heart and NOT have it all together!!! :) Unfortunately, our kids have to suffer through our calling at times :)