Monday, May 19, 2008

More about our weekend

Saturday evening our church hosted a fun family night featuring “JillyBean”. Jillybean is a master storyteller. She used ventriloquism, puppetry and illusions as ways to convey the powerful gospel message. Preschoolers and grandparents alike were all enjoying the show and laughing out loud. It was a fun time!

Corban and Riley with Jillybean

Sunday night Corbans children’s choir preformed at church. They sang “Every Promise in the Book is Mine”. Corban was so nervous about singing. He had anticipated performing all week long. We tried our best to ensure him that he would be fine, but he was not easily convinced. Sunday evening, we had to be at church a few minutes early so the choir could practice before performing. By this point my poor Corban was so nervous. His eyes swelled with tears and he was complaining his tummy hurt. Shane and I both consoled him and then a sweet lady friend of ours took him over to the side and encouraged him too. Sometimes it takes someone other than mommy or daddy. Well, Corban did get up on stage with his choir, but he did NOT sing. No, he did not open his mouth one little bit. At least he wasn’t crying. I know this was a learning experience and maybe next year he will feel a little more comfortable. I am just proud of him for getting up there! After they finished singing, they went back to their room for an end of the year party.

Shane and I helped out with the party.

Corban and one of his "best buddies", Jack, with their choir awards!

Riley had fun at the party too!


Faith said...

That looks like fun! Bless his heart for not wanting to go up there...I don't blame him! But what a big boy to do it anyway!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

That is so sweet, I know how he feels, I still hate to be up in front of people!...sweet boy, good for him for even getting up there!...I know as a mommy that's hard to watch too, you want them to do it, it's good for them to experience, but you also want to keep them from being upset...Emma's 1st ballet recital is this Saturday and we are dealing w/ the exact same thing! :) Sounds like you handled it great!

Kelli said...

Corban did a great job getting up there in front of everyone! I loved all of the pictures!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Jack enjoyed seeing himself on the computer! Corban did a great job, he's such a great little guy!