Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Goodmorning Riley"!

As a mommy, I look forward to seeing my kid’s precious little faces each morning. Riley normally get’s up first, around 7:30am. Now that he is in a “big boy bed”, he can get up on his own. He comes to find me right away. I am normally in my bathroom finishing getting ready for the day. Each morning is the same routine. He stumbles in the bathroom groggily, chewing and dragging his favorite blue blankie behind him. He has “bed head” and still has that sleepy look in his eyes. He comes up to me and grabs my leg. The first words out of his mouth are a muffled “Hi mommy” because his blankie is still in his mouth! It’s so sweet!! I look forward to his greeting every morning!!


Faith said...

That is an adorable face! What a sweet sight to see and sound to hear each morning!

Kelli said...

Aww..that is so sweet! My Emily carried a blankie around for years. Your little boy is precious.
Thank you for stopping by to say hi!