Monday, May 5, 2008

Crazy weekend!!!

It seems like my post for every Monday is entitled “Crazy Weekend!” That seems to be all we have around this house are busy, busy, weekends. This one was no different. I long for a relaxing weekend where we don’t have anywhere to go and I can just stay home in my pj’s all day long. I can dream can’t I!?!

Anyway, Friday my good friend Meghan came over with her two kids for a playdate. Meghan and I have been friends since the seventh grade. We were in church youth group together. Boy, do we have a lot of fun memories! We have remained good friends and have kept in touch even though her family moved out of state when we were in the ninth grade. She now lives right around the corner from me. Meghan has two children and is pregnant with number three. I am so excited for her! Anyway, we had a good time chatting and catching up while our kiddos played.

Saturday, Corban had a soccer game at 9:00am. He played really hard and scored four goals. YEAH!!!!! After the game we ran a few errands and then headed home to clean up. We had a few couples over for dinner in order to plan some summer activities for the college group at church. (This is a new ministry that Shane and I are involved in.) As our friends were just about to arrive the main water pipe to our house burst in the front yard. Water was gushing EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Shane was scrambling to get it turned off. At first he had a very hard time figuring out how to shut it off. He did figure is out, but he had to shut off ALL the water for the entire house. This is really not good when you are having company for dinner. With no water, there are no flushing toilets, washing hands, or even a glass of water to drink. I actually had to go to my neighbor’s house to fill up two pitchers of water so we had it to drink. My friend Melanie’s husband Jeff, who is a professional landscaper, came over later that night to fix the pipe. He was a true life saver!!!!!

Sunday was a busy day too. We went to church. I am the two’s and three’s coordinator for our preschool Sunday school ministry. Sunday mornings are normally crazy. I run around making sure all our preschool rooms are staffed with volunteers and that everything runs smoothly. I am normally exhausted when I leave church in the afternoon. I did get a chance to run home and take a quick nap before heading back to the evening service at our church. After church, we hung out and played volleyball with the college group. That’s always fun!

Here's a pic of Corban and one of his very best friends, Tyler, after the game on Saturday…

Anyway… I hope you had a great weekend!

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