Friday, April 4, 2008

not much going on...

I'm kind of in a blog rut this week. We've been busy, but nothing really new or exciting going on- just the normal stuff. Nothing worth blogging about. It's been raining a lot this week, which has been GREAT we need the rain, however, we've been stuck inside. We do have a busy weekend coming up. We have dinner at church tonight. After dinner, Corban and Riley will be spending the night at my parents house because Shane and I are going to an adoption seminar all day Saturday.
On a side not, my sister-in-law Sallie is due today with her first baby. No news yet! I wonder what percentage of babies actually come on there due date!?! Anyway, Sallie has invited me to be with her and Tuan ( her husband) at the hospital during the birth. I am so excited and can hardly wait for the arrival of little Makayla. Since we are going to be at the seminar tomorrow I've asked Sallie if she could wait until Sunday of even Monday to go into labor. Either of those days work better for me. lol=) I know Sallie is definitely feeling ready to have this baby. Shane and I are excited to be an Uncle and Aunt for the first time!
Well... we're off to a play date!
Have a great weekend!!!

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