Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Balloon Volleyball

So... Shane and I started serving in the college group at church. After church on Sunday nights the college group stays and plays volleyball in the gym. We stayed after church on Sunday evening to play with them. The boys were very excited; however, that excitement quickly faded when they realized they were too little to play with the "big kids" They were very disappointed that they had to sit on the sidelines while their daddy got to play. To ease their disappointment Shane promised he would teach them how to play volleyball one night this week at home. So the other night we played "balloon volleyball"!!! Shane laid out a blanket on the floor and the boys picked sides. We also had to choose team names. Riley and I were the Wildcats and Shane and Corban were the Bobcats. We had so much fun hitting the balloon back and forth. It was such a simple game, but the boys enjoyed it so much! They have begged everyday for us to play it again. Today when I went upstairs Corban and Riley were playing it again. This time I grabbed my camera.

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Christine said...

WHat fun! Your two boys remind me of some of my boys that are close in age.